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Chia Seeds

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I just discovered these and I'm in love!


I know a company called Mama Chia makes these drinks with teas/fruit juice and chia seeds, but I was wondering if anyone has any recipes for chia drinks or other chia foods I can make myself.  I've tried making a gel with green tea and Pom but wasn't thrilled. maybe I'm just not creative enough :)


any ideas or recipes you make yourself?

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I've thrown mine into OJ before.  But really, I think they work in any smoothy type food.  I also throw mine into oatmeal and yogurt.  You can really use it the same way that you can use ground flax seeds. ..


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There's an "official" chia seed drink made by the indigenous Tarahumara tribe in Mexico called Iskiate or Chia Fresca. I read about it in the phenomenal book, Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. (Not only should you try iskiate before working out, you MUST read this book, runner or not. It's fabulous!)



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I also have this saved in my bookmarks but have never made it....



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My husband and I are chia addicts!! Our favorite way to eat chia is by adding it to nutmilk to make a tapioca like pudding. We make our own walnut milk, but you could also just buy a carton from the store. Start with a little chia and let it sit for about 15 minutes. If you want it thicker, add more! Chia is very forgiveable.


We love chia pudding so much, we make a half gallon mason jar full at a time, and store it in the fridge! It lasts only a few days. :)

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Don't put it in granola. I thought cooking it would make it stop absorbing liquid, but I ended up with very slimy granola.  It may be fabulous in everything ELSE I made... but not that!!!

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Chia pudding....definitely trying that tomorrow!

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I love the synergy kombucha that has chia seeds in them.... I need to ask on a kombucha thread how to do this myself.

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