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Toothless Wonder Tribe

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Hi ladies! I'm the mom of another toothless wonder. My ds will be 8 months this week and we're still waiting for a tooth. It's really nothing new here since dd got her first tooth with 10 months and I was a late bloomer myself, getting my first tooth with 16 months.So I'm not worried, but I guess a bit impatient.  Anyone else waiting in anticipation of that first itsy bitsy tooth?

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DD will be 10 months on Saturday and we are still waiting for teeth. I like not having to worry about biting during breastfeeding but it will be nice when they arrive to help her improve her eating. We are doing BLW and she LOVES eating but has trouble biting off the appropriate sized pieces without any teeth! 

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Daniel is a toothless wonder also at 8 months! Everytime he goes through a few fussy days I think, "maybe he's getting teeth!" but alas, no teeth.


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Nine and a half months and we've got nothing but gum!

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We are just about ten months, and no teeth or hair! Oh well she just looks like more of a baby to me, instead of moving toward toddlerhood.

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We're about 8 mos. and still waiting on teeth, too. My oldest got his first two around this age and my middle son had 4 by now (first at 5 months). They are visible under the gum now so it won't be long. 

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Almost 8 months and no teeth here. Fine by me, as DD has a shallow latch. The later the better, as far as I'm concerned!

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Dd2 is almost 10 months and still no teeth. Her sister was 9 months when she got her first. I think she will get them before she turns 11 months.... I think I can see the teeth under her gums now.
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my youngest got to her first birthday with only one tooth and barely any hair... she's ok by now (nearly 4)

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Ds2 is 9.5 months and is as toothless as the day he was born smile.gif


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Dropping in from the Toddler forum to say that my dd didn't get her first tooth until 15 months!  Apparently the later they teeth, the stronger they are.  And no biting while nursing!  And she could eat e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, even with no teeth.  I was so worried about it, but looking back on it now, it was no big deal at all.  All in good time!  Oh, and the bonus was that she never bit me while nursing.  And she could tell me when her teeth hurt.  She's 26 months now, and still doesn't have all her teeth. 

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DS is 9 months now and still a Toothless Wonder. Who else???


I'm really amazed at exactly what he's capable of eating without teeth. I mean, I knew he could manage more than just mush, and there are still certain things I won't offer him - tough cuts of meat, for example - but he'll still do a really good job when I give him slices of chicken or even marinated pork chop. It surprises a lot of people that he eats this kind of food anyway. A baby this age is still getting "baby food". At least the extended family has stopped gasping whenever I hand ds a stick of cucumber or paprika.

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No toothies here at 8 months either. But I love her gummy smile. smile.gif
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We're out; Edie got 2 at 8.5 months. 

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We're out too. DD got 2 when she was just shy of 11 months.

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My son got his first tooth at 10.5 months (exactly the same age as my DD!). He got 4 teeth - two up, two down, and hasn't had any come through since - he's getting on for 15 months. There are a whole bunch threatening, but they've been doing that for quite a while now so I'm not holding my breath! DD's came through pretty regularly once they started coming - he's definitely lagging behind in the tooth department!

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Both of mine got there 1st tooth right at a year.


My dentist says it's probably better because there is less exposure to sugar/bacteria while they're little and there jaw is a bit bigger when the teeth come out so there's slightly less crowding. Maybe it's true, DD has great teeth, no cavaties.

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Yeah, I remember my dentist telling me back when dd was a baby that one of the advantages of getting teeth late is that they won't get broken too early - they almost always get chipped or something happening. And it happens a lot when they're crawling and just learning to walk.

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