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6 month old, small?

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how much did your 6 month old weigh at their checkup? Mine was 13.5 pounds. She looks chubby and healthy and eats just fine - but that seems really small to me! shes 26 inches long.

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My 8 week old is 25.5 inches and 15 lbs.  He's a little chubby, but not rolly polly or anything.


He's huge though, lol.  He's above 90th percentile for height, weight and head size.

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DD was 19lbs 10oz, and 28" long at 6 months.  She was also pretty much off the chart for height and weight.  DH and I are both very tall people, so she comes by it honestly.  Each child is different though, I wouldn't be concerned unless your child wasn't growing or dropped through more than 10-15 percentiles in a short time. 

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At 6mos. DD just made 14lbs.  I can't remember how long she was, not 26 inches for sure.  She's a healthy energetic girl and doesn't look skinny.  At her 9 mo. appt. she was 15lbs 10oz.  Again, can't remember how long. 


Not all healthy babies are gigantic.

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I had to look back on the chart we keep, but Cecilia was just under 14 lbs-- 13 lbs 12 oz-- at her 6 month birthday. She's been petite all along, but continually jumps up in her percentiles (5 for height, 5 for weight ,25 for head at birth, 10,10,50 at 6 months, 50, 15, 75 at 9 months). Now at 11 months old she just crossed over to 17 lbs a few days ago.

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We just came back from DD's 6 month appointment today (actually 6.5 months--we're a little behind!).  She weighed 14lbs 12oz and was 26.5" long, putting her between the 25th-50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height.  She was a decent-sized newborn (7lbs 15.9oz at 38 weeks) but has been on a fairly slow-but-steady weight gain track--she wasn't close to doubling her weight at her 5 month appointment (which I guess is the goal, according to our doctor...), but since she's continued to gain and has pretty much stayed in the 25-50 percentile for weight, our doctor doesn't seem concerned.


She also has reflux, though, and my understanding is that such babies may sometimes be on the skinnier side...

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at 5 1/2 months dd3 is weighing in at 13lbs even
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My son is 27" and 17 lbs at 6 months, and people comment on how big he is!

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DD1 was 20 lbs, 5 oz and 29 inches long.

DD2 is 16 lbs, 4 oz and 27.5 inches long.


I think all kids are different (even in the same family).  Both were big when born (see my signature).


Neither doubled their weight at 6 months.  I think it is fine!

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Some kids are just small.


My dd was 6 months on Saturday.  We weighed her on a hospital grade baby scale today at the hospitals bf support group.  She weighs in at 12lbs 10oz.  She was 6lbs 5oz when she was born, so exactly double. 


My second dd was also 6lbs 5oz when she was born, but she hit a few weeks where she started losing weight.  When she was 6mos, she was not even 12lbs yet.  And now at 28 months, she's not even 30 lbs. 


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DD just turned 6 mo & her doctor appt was last week. Just over 15 lbs and in the 30th percentile I wondered if I was feeding her enough. My cousin's DD was 25 lbs at 6 months. We are all different. My DD is happy healthy and energetic so I know she's okay and I'm sure your LO is perfect.
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Yes, all kids are different. I've been concerned about my little one too, even though she is in the 45th percentile. She was 15lbs 10 oz at 6 months and 25.75 inches long at her 6 month appointment. My older two were gigantic compared to her, so it's been difficult for me. My older two were 10 and 9.4 lbs at birth and were her size at 3 months old! But my Ped. is also not concerned. First, she is proportionate- 45th percentile for weight AND height, she has chubby arms, legs, and body and she's happy. :) She is a little behind in her milestones too though. I guess I'm lucky in a way...she's my last and she will be just smaller and a little bit babier for a little bit longer :) 

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My DD will be 12 weeks old next weekend, and she weighed in at 13lb 10.69oz today. At this rate, she'll be double her birth weight by her 3-month birthday (she was 7lb 4oz at birth, born nearly 3 weeks early). Bizarre!


I agree that each child is different. As long as she is growing and thriving, weight is just a number!

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I can't remember the height but I remember that both my kids were 12 lbs at 6 months. However one had some food issues and the second was very short though I can't remember the height.  She was good in her infant seat (that went up to 20lbs) until she was 14 months old.

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