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Hi! My husband, son and I are about to move to Portland and I am hoping to connect with some other families who have homelearning kiddos around my son's age.


My son is 5.5 years old, is REALLY into Lego and Star Wars, also loves superheroes, dressing in costumes, and doing LOTS of Star Wars and hero based pretend play. Oh, and pirates! and knights!


He's a gentle kiddo and we're just really looking forward to connecting with other homelearning families in the area. We're not sure where we'll be living yet - we ARE going to be at the Life is Good Conference at the end of May, and it is also quite possible that we'll be moving even before then.


I'm an earth mama, I knit, sew, blog, take photos, cook - am into nutrition and traditional foods. My husband is a gamer - he loves to play Warhammer and other tabletop strategy games, he loves video games, and he also plays many sports. He is in IT.


We're totally open to being taken under someone's wing, as we're not all that familiar with the Portland area except in reputation, and we very much want to make connections and learn.


Thanks for reading!