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Growth Hormone??

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My daughter is 23 months and was diagnosed witth turner syndrome last july. We met wiith her peds endo last friday and he suggested we start growth hormone therapy. However did not go over any details about side effects or anything. I am very unsure of what to do and am hoping to find some information or advice from others who have used gh or are currently using gh. Thanks so much for any advice!
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My daughter also has TS.  We started her on growth hormone when she was 15 months old, so it has been just over three years.  I am a big fan of growth hormone, which has been around for a long time and extensively studied.  We have not experienced any side effects (though there are some - aching and headaches can be common when you start or adjust the dosage).  The issue with growth hormone is not just one of aesthetics - it's not just that these girls with TS would be short - but that it helps with all kinds of healthy growth.  It sounds really hard - so many years of daily shots - but it's actually quite easy after the second time you do it and my daughter, at 4, can give herself her own injections now. 


TS can take a lot of management, but the outcome for girls who start growth hormone early and have appropriate interventions is quite good.  If I can help you with anything, please feel free to send me a personal message (I don't really come to this forum very often - a friend forwarded your post onto me).  

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