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Welcome, Dyanna! I really love how you spell your name!


We now have 2 11/20 and 1 11/21. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.

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Originally Posted by Gemini13 View Post

I'm ready to join this party!


Dyanna, 35, got my BFP our first month of TTC.  It's our first baby!   EDD: 11/21/11 (Which means we conceived on the cycle starting on Valentine's Day! love.gif )


I'm totally excited, and nervous, and all of that good stuff.  I'm kind of in shock, because we really didn't think this would happen so quickly, lol.  I'm a bit apprehensive too, because of my age, but I'm going to do my best to just enjoy the ride and take things as they come.  Interestingly, I'm not really having any symptoms now (aside from the occasional twinge/cramp), but I did have some way sooner than I should have.  I started getting really moody/ hormonal, with mid- to lower-back pain, days before implantation would have even occured.  Strange, but there you have it.     


Congrats ladies!

Same for me! No much going on right now by crazy moodyness and some low back pain not too long after ovulation. Heres hoping thats a good sigh for the both of us!


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I had more symptoms right around ovulation and implantation then I do now, too.

Originally Posted by Rachel88 View Post


Same for me! No much going on right now by crazy moodyness and some low back pain not too long after ovulation. Heres hoping thats a good sigh for the both of us!



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Last time I had constant MS starting at 7 weeks and I was exauhsted. Everyone told me that those were good signs but then we had a m/c anyway so this time I am trying not to read too much into anything. I am trying to enjoy the fact that I feel great and just go with the flow. I am not really a go with the flow person so this is new for me.

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Miranda, our EDD is 11/14/2011, this is our fourth child.

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I've got all day naseau, which is pretty standard for me with my pregnancies.  What is unusual for me is that I'm hungry all the time.  In my previous pregnancies, that wasn't something I experienced until about 5 months along.

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I'm hungry all the time too. So far my morning sickness is much like it was with my first pregnancy. I get hungry, feel sick, eat something, feel a little better. An hour later, do it again. I feel my worst after meals. Eating more at one time is hard to keep down. 


I'm hoping this lasts about as long as it did with my first. The worst of it was over within a week, after a couple of weeks I was feeling almost normal. I could handle that again. 

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Ohhh, my boobs!!! OMGosh, they hurt SO BAD. =(


I'm officially 6 weeks tomorrow!

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Hi! Amanda, due 11/9/11, our fourth child but my third pregnancy. 


My morning sickness has officially kicked in. It starts out slow for me around week 6, peaks at week 10 or so, and then fades out. I was hoping this time would be different. I was trying so hard to prep for it by eating small, high protein meals frequently, but no such luck. My ms makes me feel nauseas ALL day and almost everything there is to eat sounds disgusting. I usually only want one random thing, and if I don't get that, I can't eat. Mostly, it's Japanese food, specifically vegetarian sushi. Maybe it's the sodium??


Yesterday I ate cheese tortelloni for breakfast, and all I wanted for dinner was a giant plate of tater tots and a salad with tons of ranch dressing. Sigh. So much for healthy eating. 

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Haha I have the same kind of cravings. The other day all I wanted was cheesy potatoes. Yesterday all I could think about was a Subway sandwich. I try to make myself eat other things but I don't get more than a couple of bites in before giving up. I made sloppy joe's for dinner the other night and the whole time I kept thinking "I don't know why I'm making this, I won't be able to eat it." And sure enough, I took two bites and couldn't take anymore. DD enjoyed it though. 


Today I could really go for some homemade soup of some kind... chicken noodle or vegetable. Of course, I don't have any ingredients to make it. greensad.gif


I'm getting a little control over the morning sickness. I had two really bad days this week, mornings filled with Sesame Street for the kids because all I could do was lay down. Now, I'm keeping some crackers by the bed so I can eat one or two before getting up in the morning. Then, I force myself to eat a small breakfast, something with some protein. It's hard to choke it down, but I feel a whole lot better if I do. I have hard candies stashed all over the place and a jug of ice water by me at all times. I seem to peak around lunch time, always thinking I'm going to puke, but by the time I make it to the bathroom it's passed. 

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Great thread Nicole! If you pm the forum mod you can have her add the thread to the top of the forum page so we can always find it. Sort of the new way to do stickies on the new mothering forum platform.


I am still finding that I almost forget that I am pregnant. Last time it was at the forefront of my mind because it was my first and I was so excited. I am still so excited, but I have a 1 year old now and since it is so early on, I don't realize that I am preganant unless I sit and think about it.  I am trying to wrap my brain around the thought of two and how I will handle that. I am an only child and don't really know how that dynamic works in a family. I had friends who had siblings, thankfully dh has siblings so that will help. 


We have been busy planting fruit trees, berries and now medicinal herbs and soon the veggie garden. So very excited that spring is here.


On another note, I must admit I have let myself worry a bit about all the extra radiation being exposed into our atmosphere due to the Japan tragedies this past week. Yes we are far away, but I feel so bad for those close to Fukushima and all the victims from the Earthquake and Tsunami and well, small children and fetuses are the most at risk when exposed to radiation. I am ramping up my nutrition intake by adding a few more supplements that I have been meaning to take anyway such as ashwaganda, fulvic acid minerals and kelp.



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Hi I am Molly, Surprised to be pregnant, but so joyful about it.  I think my due date is around Nov 4th-ish.  I have not scheduled the first appointment, still getting used to the idea.  I have mild food aversion, but nothing too bad.  My last two pregnancies were AWEFUL with morning sickness, I am praying for mercy with this one.  Looking forward to "growing" with all of you.  Congratulations!

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I'll join too. I'm Sommer, this is our 3rd baby. EDD is 11/13.


So far I have been really lucky in the morning sickness department and haven't encountered much yet. My biggest problem is I am just not hungry. At all. Nothing sounds good most of the time. I've been eating cereal and toast and raw vegetables. And I have also been so super tired. My dog had to have surgery today, so I was up so late last night worrying, and then again this morning so I was even more exhausted than usual today. Thankfully, she did beautifully and that is one less concern.


I am beginning to get excited about this little one. It has taken a little while to get used to the idea. Tonight I noticed that I have a little bit of a lower belly pooch that I didn't have before and am unable to suck in, so I think it will begin to feel more real once I feel more than just exhausted all the time. My dh has been out of town the last few days, which has probably been really nice for him because he hasn't had to deal with my crazy hormonal freak outs that I can't seem to control. Lucky him.

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Welcome, ladies. I will add you two once I feel a little better.


I get sinus headaches really bad... Like, everytime we get a storm. We had a storm yesterday. Being pregnant, I can't take anything for it. Sinus headache turned migraine. I woke up at 545 this morning feeling like death... Soaked in the tub... PUKED for the first time (I'm officially 6 weeks today. IDK if that was pregnancy or migraine or both)... Went back to bed, and now I still feel bad. I'm supposed to work 10 hours today. We'll see. =(

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Ay, Nicole, I'm sorry.  That sucks.  My husband gets sinus headache-migraines pretty regularly.  Nothing seems to touch them.  He has thrown up from them before . . . sound strange, but I hope that's what this is for you, because I think m/s on top of sinus headaches would be worse.


My sister just called and told me she's pregnant!  She just took the test this morning, and she's at right around four weeks, so due the very end of november.  I'm so excited to be going through this with her!  I think she's exactly four weeks behind me.  She's my big sister, 3 years and 3 days older than me, and her daughter will be turning 3 just 11 days after my due date, and now she's due again just another 22 days after that!  Yay!

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I forgot to add my due date.

Becca - Nov 3 - #2 little one



Hykue that is so exciting!


I'm just about to start the 8th week and I think my nipples are finally getting sore. That and a little nausea if I don't eat for 4 or 5 hours - oh and I was quite worn out weeks 5 and 6.



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That's awesome, Hykue! I had a friend who'd been trying for 20 months tell me she was pregnant the day before I found out. Our due dates are 3 days apart!!!


I asked my mom a bajillion pregnancy questions yesterday. She said all of her pregnancies (Four kids) were cake. We all went past our due date by at least a week (So much for hoping for an 11/11/11 baby), but she said she had no M/S or anything like that. She said she had nausea with me but that's it. But she said with me, all she craved was super bland stuff (No dressing on salads or sandwiches, etc.) because of the nausea. And now I'm a super picky eater, so I wonder if what she ate while she was pregnant had anything to do with that. LOL She also informed me that I was one of two failed forcep removals the doctor ever had. They cut her down there to make more room for me, used forceps, then my heart stopped so she had to have an emergency c-section. Poor lady. She got cut all over the place for me.


I didn't have M/S today so I'm going to say it was the sinus headache. And I get them a lot, too and nothing cures them either except suffering through them all day. The only symptom I have is constipation and SOREEE boobs. My boobs hurt. SO. BAD. I also randomly get back pain. And fatigue. =(


I also woke up to another headache this morning. I took my parents to a bar last night so I have a nicotine headache. BLAHHH. Those don't go away for anything, either.

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Hey guys!  I will join this thread too...Ive been lurking for a while.  I'm only 4 weeks, and still pretty cautious about telling anyone or getting excited.  I'm going in for betas regularly- I had one Friday and a follow up tomorrow on Monday.  Will do an U/S ASAP to check and make sure baby is in the right place since I'm a high risk for ectopic.


So far I only have a bit of nausea and am exhausted, but Im SUPER HUNGRY all the freaking time!  This is #3 for me.

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Welcome dashley!


Eating is becoming such a chore for me! I have to plan everything about my day around when I will need to eat again. And it's usually once an hour, no more than two hours. I honestly didn't think I'd make it through church this morning without eating. I stashed a couple of snacks in my purse just in case. I went out to eat with my cousins, mom, aunt and sister last night for my cousin's birthday. I was really looking forward to it since I'm hungry all the time, but we went to a steakhouse and I couldn't eat anything. I snacked on peanuts and rolls, but once my steak came I could only eat a couple of bites. I was able to eat my salad though...


Today I'm feeling a little better and was actually able to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast. All week, toast has been all I could handle in the morning. I'm at my mom's now and she's making one of my favorite meals, so I really hope I'm able to eat it!


It's just really difficult with multiple toddlers and an infant at my house 5 days a week (I do daycare in my home), I'm finding it hard to find the time to eat all the time. And the kids are getting really bored with me. The weather has been nicer this week, but I can't handle being outside for too long and walks are short. All I want to do is lay down. I'm really looking forward to the second trimester and I'm sure the kids are too!

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Hey Mal!  You were part of the TTC in our 20's thread, right?  I think there are 4 BFP's from that thread due in Nov.

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