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Hey there!  My sister is trying to extricate herself from her marriage to a man whom we believe to be mentally ill.  He is very agitated, paranoid, confrontational, believes that he is meant to be a very important politician, that people have tried to sleep with him because on his political activities posted on his facebook page.  He doesn't sleep much.  Very emotionally manipulative. 


My sister and her h's family gave him an ultimatum last week - get a psych evaluation done or he could come home (to my sister's).  I'm not sure that was the right thing to do, but she was pushed to her absolute limit.  He then tried to break a window to get in the house and we had to call the police (who did nothing).


He has refused to go in because there is nothing wrong with him.  He doesn't want to be "drugged", etc. 


I guess my question is what can be done now.  How can one encourage someone to get help when they don't want to?  She is leaving him even if he does get help, but she really does want him to get help. 


And also, how can she protect herself and her children?  People who have just met her h often do not see his illness (the police officer said he seemed "pretty normal".  She is terrified that a judge would grant joint custody without an evaluation.  Or worse, that an incomplete/incompetent evaluation would be done. 


Thanks for any and all help offered!