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Relocating to San Antonio...

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My family is planning to relocate from Missouri to San Antonio (Converse area) in the next month or two.  My sister lives there with her family, and we're moving to be closer to them, as well as just making a change for our family.  She's actually going to be deployed to Iraq when we make the move, so she won't be around to immediately help us get our bearings.


I've visited before, so I'm somewhat familiar with the general lay of the land.  I'm really wanting to find out a little more details about the area, and hopefully make some connections with local like-minded mamas.  :)  


We homeschool, so I'm especially wanting to find out about any groups or co-ops in the area.  My two in grades are 1st and 3rd, I also have a preschooler and infant.  


We're also going to be looking for a church.  We currently attend a Nazarene church, but we're open to any denomination (or "non-denomination") if we feel at home there.  We generally prefer a more modern style of worship, casual atmosphere, with lots of activities going on for adults and children, and lots of young families in general.  


Also, recommendations for health food stores, cloth diapering/natural baby care stores, farmer's markets and such would be great.  


Of course anything else you can think of that you feel would be good info to have for someone new to the area is very appreciated!  


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San Antonio Home School Groups


SAHFL is a large secular group that meets at a park. Also, some businesses actually block out time for homeschool groups, like the Creative Drama Academy in Helotes.


There is an API group in New Braunfels.


The Sun Harvest Farms chain is the "natural" grocery store around here.


You could try out Community Bible Church--its a little bit of a drive from Converse (about 20min iirc).



There is a farmer's market at the Pearl Brewery off Broadway but I think there are others.

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You might find my website helpful http://www.sanantonionaturalparenting.com

We also have a Face Book group with lots of parents willing to answer questions about the area. http://www.facebook.com/SanAntonioNaturalParenting


I'm not much help with the church info, but there are plenty to choose from. smile.gif


Best wishes with the move!



Mom of 4

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There is also a mommys group on meetup.com for "Crunchy" moms in SA.  The group name is MotherNature.






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