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Labor Positions?

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Has anyone come across a pictoral guide to labor positions?  Something that I could print out online and make into a booklet?



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I got a booklet with labor positions from the childbirth classes I took. Have you taken any yet?


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I can't remember in which one it is, either "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth," or "Spiritual Midwifery," but one of them has quite a number of drawings of different laboring and pushing positions.  They could be easily scanned or photocopied...

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Penny Simpkin's The Birth Partner has a wealth of drawings and other resources.  The comfort measures from that book are used here in this multi-lingual set of 1 page pamphlets (English version: http://www.attachmentacrosscultures.org/resource/factsheets/comfort/comfort_e.pdf)

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I second the Birth Partner by Penny Simpkin. It is, hands down, my favorite book for labor positions and comfort measures.

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Active Birth by Janet Balaskas



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This is a helpful easy to print pdf with pictures of different labor positions along with comfort techneiques.

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I am an LCCE and teach private childbirth classes. I use this great color handout to discuss labor positions.



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