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Tonight, I'm glowing.

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My journey has been so hard these past years.

I never thought I would get to the point where I am now.

Tonight, I'm glowing.

Things are OK.

All is well.

The world is small and people are kind.

I love my son. I love being a mom. I am honored.

I love my husband.

I'm no longer hurt about the way things have happened.

I know it has all worked out for a reason.

It was so hard. Oh, it was all SO hard.

I cried. And now it will be Spring.

Sun will kiss flowers and they will smile.

I am happy.

Tonight, I'm glowing.


If you are sad, struggling, fighting, hurting, coping, please remember that I was too.

And now I am OK! joy.gif


My home is warm and so is my heart.






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love.gif Your post made me smile. I don't know what your journey has been like, but I am so happy for you that you have come to this place. 

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love.gif What a wonderful post! 

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I can so relate happytears.gif and I am so happy for you.
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I can't wait until I can be in that place. I am so glad that you are. stillheart.gif

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Kind of funny... I was just randomly clicking around on the forums, feeling all cranky and woe is me... and then I found myself here. I really needed to read this right now! Thank you!!! love.gif Much peace and happiness to you all~ Rainbow.gif


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Thank you SO MUCH for reminding us all that THERE IS HOPE!


Very happy for you that you're in such a good place.  You worked hard to get there... you'll probably have to work hard to stay there.


But you're THERE!  BRAVO!!!

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love.gifhug.gif Thank you for sharing your journey with us!
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