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Hi again - thanks for the food rotation details - that helps.


We had been using rice, buckwheat, white potatoe (sweet potato is out because of sals) and quinoa (and millet puffs sometimes for breakfast). Like I said I'm pretty sure he's just become intolerant to buckwheat so that's out now. We have bought regular millet but haven't yet tried cooking it or looking for recipes. Thanks for the amaranth, teff and tapioca ideas - we hadn't come up with any of them.


We get the same poop thing with quinoa - he just doesn't digest it at all. Does this mean we shouldn't be giving it ? But then if I didn't give anything he didn't digest we'd be halving or more the limited amount of food we do have available. Have you noticed any digestion differences since starting the enzymes ? I'm pinning alot of hope on those I think.


We've never done the IGG tests - we normally identify his intolerances with elimination diets and NAETS testing. His bronchitis is a great intolerance identifier - with behaviour and sleep etc it is always hard to know what is just him being 2 1/2 (although both do deteriorate significantly when the intolerances are around!). I am thinking of doing the IGG now, although I had heard that it is not always accurate and alot of doctors don't recommend it. What do you feel about the IGG?


Other small things we are doing include - we've stopped giving him milk (rice/soy) from the fridge - to drink or on cereal - we warm it to room temperature now. I read somewhere this was better for digestion and healing leaky gut. Also we try and encourage him to drink as much as we can between meals and try not to give him a drink with meals - sorry I forget exactly why we're doing this - I think it something to do with not diluting his digestive juices or something - if I come across the links again I'll post them. Similarly we are trying to leave it an hour after he wakes up before he has breakfast - again something to do with getting his digestive juices woken up in the morning. We only manange this 4 mornings a week it's not possible in our house on a pre-school morning !  

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I am basing most of this information on information from the book Enzymes - go with your gut. There is a good website that goes with the book - I've noticed it's referred to often in different forums so I assume the opinions are good and valid. This is a link to the section where she talks about the need to go slow with enzyme introduction - of course the book covers this in more detail but it's a good intro http://www.enzymestuff.com/basicsdosing.htm   Here is a link to the section helping you select the best enzyme http://www.enzymestuff.com/basicsproductguidelines.htm#7  I've included those two links as they are slightly hidden when you first start looking at the website - the whole website is great though and worth spending some time on if you are interested in exploring enzyme use.


But then if you've got a doctor you trust knows what they are doing and your son is tolerating the enzymes you are using don't listen to me - our enzymes are still in the post and we haven't even started them yet ! I am only regurgitating what I have read (and it's always possible I''ve misunderstood that!) - please anyone else feel free to correct me if I am wrong with any of this.  

Thanks for the links! I had no idea. Our doctor suggested that enzyme and never mentioned potential side effects. Unfortunately since my DS is not talking yet, he can't tell me if they're bothering him. He has a high pain tolerance but it could be affecting him other ways. He doesn't have any of the symptoms listed here under 'adjustment effects' - http://www.enzymestuff.com/discussionadjustments.htm#1  so I'm hoping it's ok. He's actually been pretty sluggish the last few days compared to normal... maybe some of the hyperness due to foods is going away? But his sleep has been messed up. I guess it's too early to tell...


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In answer to your most recent post:

I don't know what to make with amaranth/teff/tapioca really. I have some of the whole grains and some flours. I found a recipe for amaranth crackers, but I can't imagine making crackers... so much work!  Well, maybe I'll try.


I don't know what it means when things are not fully digested in the poop. I mean, they talk about having some roughage or fiber as good for digestive health, don't they? Some of it may be due to improper chewing too - I know that's true in our case.


We started the enzymes like 5 days ago. We had a 3 day gap between poops, and I think there's still more waiting to come out... He's been really sluggish the last 3 days. How can I tell if it's related to food or enzymes? We had 2 really bad sleep nights in the past 5 days too, after going 2.5 weeks with relatively good sleep. So how do I figure out what caused that...??


I have never heard of NAETs... I looked at the website and could not understand what they do for treatment. Is there a good link somewhere that explains what they really do? I too have heard that IgG is not that accurate. Our doctor said to go by it, though she did seem to think that the main issue was healing his gut and not about the individual sensitivities, and that those would change/go away as his gut healed. So a rotation diet would allow some healing.


I hadn't heard about the salicylate issues either I don't think... learning a lot here! So how did you get started on that path? I mean, how do you know it's a sals issue? Is there testing??


So much to figure out!!


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How's it going with the enzymes Kati ?


Ours have arrived but we are having some more blood tests done this week - the whole blood elements, so I am going to wait till after the blood tests to start the enzymes.


To be honest I don't really understand NAETs myself - I just know for us it has been hugely accurate in identifying my son's intolerances and allergies. To test him my son holds some of the food type in a glass jar (we can even tuck the glass jar into his nappy when he plays), I then touch him with one hand and raise my other arm, the practioner then pushed down on my raised arm. If he is intolerant to the food item then I lose muscle strength and cannot hold my arm up when it is pushed. I know this sounds really hippy and if I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't believe it myself but it has been amazing how accurate it has been and how obvious his intolerances are.


The practioner then works on his energy and accupressure points with simple massage to 'fix' or 'help' the problem - to be honest I don't know how effective that is, as I have chosen not to reintroduce the foods again because with his leaky gut issues there would be no point. It obviously isn't a guaranteed cure or everyone would be doing it - but seeing how effective the testing process is I expect it does help a least a bit. And even if it doesn't it is just useful to use the NAETs for the testing - especially I'd guess if it is done alongside the IgG - if both identify an intolerance it means there probbly is one - if one test does and one doesn't then that would be a good food to start for food trials - in fact as I type this I think I've convinced myself to do the IgG test !! Will be interesting if you do the NAETs - we'll both be doing the same but in reverse - I'd be very interested to see what results we got !


The salicylates we are still not sure about - after removing many things with great improvements - he developed another intolerance we didn't know what to so the doctor suggested we do an elimination diet of salicylates and the results were immediate - but of course in the process we also eliminated corn and tomatoes amongst ther things - I am still not convinced it is salicylates he is intolerant to - it may be corn or tomoto or something else - i need to start food trialling him but want to find out first what the current intolerance is - I'm not convinced now it's buckwheat - he's been off it for over a week and while the cough is better it's not gone - I'm going to reintroduce the buckwheat next week and see what happens. You can test the sals with NAETs I just haven't got round to it yet, I always combine NAETs with some food trailling anyway  - but so far it's always been accurate for us.  

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i'm sorry to join so late in the game, but my 16 month old may have leaky gut after reading this...?  as a baby he was always phlemy and had reflux.  no eczema until 12 months old and milk was introduced.  then his eczema healed for the most part by eliminating dairy, casein, wheat/gluten, soy, nuts, eggs.  his tummy is still a little bumpy, almost like goosebumps...but not red or itchy.  so anyways, when he gets a cold, it lingers for like 2 weeks.  he's still phlemy much of the time.  i have noticed more and more that he is not digesting things properly.  his poops are always soft and grainy.  i'll find undigested lentils, sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries, etc. in his poop.  the seeds didn't surprise me, but cooked lentils?  there were a ton in his diaper last week after i made lentil soup.  does this sound like leaky gut?


he gets a multivitamin with iron, vitamin C, and digestive enzyme (2 weeks so far) all pureed in my blender then he drinks with water.  he also takes cod liver oil once a day, and Klaire labs infant probiotic.


what am i doing wrong that he is still not having solid poops?  any ideas?

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Smithereens - if your son is intolerant to all the foods you have eliminated then leaky gut is always a possibility. It's hard for me to comment more as I don't have the answers. I do think though, if you are sure he has issues with food, then the more you can do to prevent gut damage or start the gut healing process the better, and as long as you aren't withdrawing nutrients that he can tolerate unnecessarily, then anything you do should only help. I wish I'd known what I know now a year ago so we could have prevented the damage getting so severe.


Ok where is everyone at ?


We are starting the bone broth thing today - Is anyone else doing it ? There are links about it in those first couple of thread I posted in the inital message - I've done loads of reading and it seems to be extremely beneficial for healing the gut. I can't get organic beef bones (or chicken) so instead am having to settle for hormone/antibiotic free chicken. I bought a whole one today and borrowed a friends slow cooker - I'm going to experiment this afternoon - sadly I am definately not a chef, so all of his is very new to me. I guess if you're used to making your own stock etc you'll have a lot more idea of what you are doing. This is my gut project for this week. Any tips or advice very welcome


Next weeks gut project is going to be water keffir if anyone else is interested in joining with that one. Again all tips and advice are very welcome.

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Just got some new test results back and yeast is still high - which is annoying because after nearly a year of high probiotics, no sugar, wheat, fruit and everything else I was fairly confident it was going to be lower than it is. We will have to do a strict no candida diet now - which isn't that different to what we are doing just even more foods to take out - there will be nothing left at all soon literally !

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KKKK74, you're not alone!  I've discovered I have leaky gut and candida a year ago.  I took diflucan and most of my symptoms went away for about 3 months.  Then they all came back, and I have eaten no sugar, no grains, no fermented foods, no potatoes or starchy vegetables, no peanuts, no canned tomatoes, no vinegar, and only 1 apple a day and 1/4 c beans as carbs besides what is in low carb veggies...And still, if I slip up a bit, it all comes back.  This has been over a year, and I am so tired of eating meat and veggies only.  So tired of no variety.  And now I can't eat almonds because I ate too many of them...


Anyway, just wanted to commiserate and let you know you're not alone!


FWIW, I have learned, through LDA testing, that I am actually allergic to yeast, fungus and mold, and have been getting LDA shots.  I'm on my 2nd shot, and I have seen improvement.  This guys website is good:




Good luck!

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Kate - Thanks for explaining NAETs ... that sounds a bit crazy huh. Is the test blinded, or do you (as the parent) know which food is in the jar? It seems that could influence your responses internally somehow. Food trialing is so complicated... given a 3-4 window when you could have a response, so many other things change. It feels impossible to figure out sometimes! I really don't know where to start with that. What kinds of symptoms do you keep track of? Do you have a table or chart or how do you do it?

On our end, we decided to decrease the amount of meat we're giving DS and also added some vitamin C and that seems to have helped with pooping almost every day now. He's not as sluggish any more either. We have been having a  bad sleep week though. Really hard to fall asleep and waking up early... Someone told me omega 3's can cause hyperness, is that true or am I remembering wrong?

We are still doing digestive enzymes. I have no idea if they are working. His poop does look more uniform. I guess the main things that were undigested before were grains and beans, and he doesn't get any beans any more, and only gets quinoa flakes or "cream of buckwheat" which is hopefully well digested...

welcome smithereens! i don't know that much about leaky gut yet and i'm unsure about the undigested food in poop, but that is what we were having before too. At 16 months if he's still getting lots of milk (breastmilk?) then I would think the poops would be mushy. how mushy are you talking? I think it should be soft but somewhat formed, not runny. for now you could remove the foods that are totally undigested - maybe he is not chewing them that well either - or you could try pureeing the lentils for example to improve digestibility. I'm really glad you managed to figure out the causes of the eczema!  Do you have a doctor you're working with to try to figure this out?

also I was just reading today that cod liver oil might have too much vitamin A and interfere with vitamin D absorption. Does anyone know if that is true?


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How's everyone doing ?


We've mostly had a good week I think. We got our new vitamin compound and have started that. To early to see results obviously but at least I now feel that he is getting some of the supplements I've wanted him to be on for a while. We've also got our glutathione cream - not sure if it's my imagination or not but he does seem particularly good natured since we started that and I'm sure I read on another thread that it may make him feel better almost immediately. His glutathione was low in his blood tests. He's still on the very high probiotic dose and I upped his enzyme to digest gold which is a stronger one than the Lacto one I started him on. The good news - we have much more solid looking poo ! I wouldn't go as far as to say completely normal and formed but definately less moussey and soft and no visible food (although we have been eating a very limited grain diet and lots of blended soup so may not be accurate representation). But still I'm feeling quietly confident that it is a result of the probiotics, enzymes and the candida diet.


Bone broth is going well (except I just found out that slow cookers have lead in them !!! you can't win with this stuff) and we are getting loads into him. Haven't started the water kefir but I have found someone who lives near with the seeds to get me started - so definately this weeks project is water kefir !


Kati - I thought generally omega 3's stop hyperness - but of course there is always the atypical one ! I know low magnesium can be linked to sleep issues with kids like ours - does he take magnesium supplements? DS's sleep improved when we introduced magnesium sulphate (epsom) baths and magnesium supplements. Hadn't heard about the cod liver A/D thing I'd be interested to read more I'll google it. His vit D is always low despite living in a country where it is sunny every day and I limit sunscreen as much as possible becasue of his vit D issues. And I'm sure we are giving cod liver oil to raise his vit D levels ???!!!  


Misty morning - It was interesting to read the LDA testing/shots stuff - Thanks 

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Hi all. Just read through this thread and am feeling so overwhelmed!  Wow.  So many things to think about and consider.  I don't even know if my son (4) has leaky gut, but I'm thinking it's a definite possibility. How do I know/test for it? We have just recently gone on a GFCFSF diet and I am convinced it has changed his behavior (typical ADHD or SPD behavior though he's never been tested/diagnosed).  Way more verbal, articulate, present, peaceful, calm, controlled, responsive.  As though he's no longer in impulsive/crazy/brain-fog mode.  Anyway, suggestions as to where I start?  Go to a naturopath?  I'm also thinking of eliminating some other common food allergens for a while (corn, eggs, etc.) and then slowly adding them back in to test for a reaction.  Any help is appreciated.  I'm just so glad to realize that his disturbing behavior can very possibly be helped through diet.  I am also gluten sensitive so I am guessing he has inherited this from me. 

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How can I heal my 11 month DDs gut? She is still nursing for the most part. I have been giving her omega 3 dha that is starting to clear her eczema along with probiotics and I am taking vit c, probiotic and I just started aloe juice.
Her eczema started when we accede toy gave her too much Tylenol when she was about four months old. We did eliminate all dairy, wheat, eggs, gluten, peanuts, tomatoes and citric fruits. It's been about 6 months now with little progress.
We've also been taking her to the chiro when we can.
I'm so afraid that these 2 days her eczema has been clearing and then bam it'll be back tomorrow.

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kmm2v and lucypch - a good starting point for me and several of my other allergy Mum friends was the failsafe diet - http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info/index.htm#buttons    

The website is a pain and very badly laid out but the information is very good good when you can find it !! Most kids with leaky gut are intolerant to artificial preservatives etc and often to hidden things like salicylates etc  - the website explains alot of this. It has a good elimination diet to start the process of working out which intolerances your child has. Once you've found and removed their intolerances you can start to heal the gut - everything we are doing is listed in the posts above - we still need to add in more stuff but we are really starting to see progress.


We got our first solid normal looking poo yesterday - huge news for us and makes us more determind to push on harder. We start heavy metal chelation this week and have just started making our first saukraut batch. 


Hope it's going well for everyone else.


Mama.rye - I saw you were having sals issues (we are hanging out on all the same forums !! winky.gif)  hope you're getting it sorted. 


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Fermented food, Candida, Probiotics and Leaky gut.


Ok I'm confused  - I thought that fermented food was on the recommended list for people trying to heal leaky gut due to the high probiotic levels ???? But then most candida/yeast diets that I read about say avoid fermented foods ???? As most people with leaky gut have yeast issues then why the contradiction - what am I missing ???



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I have been trying to organise the old 'Healing the Gut Tribe' threads for myself and thought it may be useful to put them here for everyone - it's quite confusing finding them in the search option - especially as some have changed name slightly etc and non of them are in order. It's alot of reading and I'm still in 2005 !! (it only really goes to mid 2007). Hope it helps some of you - I am still really keen to get a similar thread going. I am sure there are enough of us. It's also quite reassuring to see that some of the Mum's we now consider to be 'experts' didn't used to know much more than we know now ! The old group made the decision to move the thread to the health and healing pages to try and attract more people. I may try that  - what do you think ?

































































Just incase that's not enough reading let me know if you find I've missed some and I'll edit them in.


Please don't attempt to read them all before joining this discussion though or we'll never get it started ! winky.gif





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Kate - thanks for keeping this going! Sorry for the long delay, I've been swamped. We've stuck with the rotation diet but I don't think things are that good. He's got dry skin and some bumps, and poop is still weird. He barely drinks any water but he pees a ton. What's up with that? We just re-tested IgG values and got a new list of foods with plenty of changes (i.e. lack of consistency with previous test results). Great.... We're supposed to try new probiotics (higher dose too) and kill off some clostridium with an herbal remedy... wish us luck.


congrats on the good poop - hope that means you're turning the corner!


oh and if you want to move the thread that's fine, whatever works!

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Kati - how do you know clostridium is a problem ? We have never actually tested him for yeast or bacteria or parasites - mainly because we can't get a 'clean' stool sample as he's still in nappies, and I haven't got the energy to try and get one. We are just diagnosing him through symtoms. It's pretty obvious that yeast at least is a problem.


He's generally not doing so well at the moment and we are getting alot more specrummy behaviour and he is struggling more and more socially which is worrying. It's always hard though to know what is food intolerance, what is 'die off', what is an adverse reaction to a supplement, what is illness and what is just being 2 years old !!!


We introduced liver life recently and I think I ramped it up too quickly over 5 days (1 drop a day instead of 1 drop every 3 days as the bottle says !) so I'm hoping by reducing that and going more slowly things will improve.


The trouble is if we go as slowly as recommended it is going to be a months before we have him on all the supplements he needs. That said I am starting to worry that we have him on too much at the moment, but he needs everyone of them for different things - it's a nightmare just remembering to give them all at there specified times and away from food other supplements etc.


I'm sure the 'peeing a ton' thing is to do with dumping toxins, but can't help you with where the fluid is coming from if he's not drinking. It can only be from food I guess - sorry I can't help more.


That sucks about the IgG changing - like this isn't complicated enough already !!!


Our rotation diet has gone to pot - it's too hard to rotate 5 foods (!!) and he is being fussy at the moment. I really wanted have more of a schedule around this by now. Baby No.2 is due in 5 weeks and I am not going to have the time to spend on all this !


Getting rid of the candida is my new project. My plan is olive leaf oil - every day - it's in the liver life anyway. Enzymes for candida - I haven't selected which yet - if anyone has any advice ??? I'm reading conflicting things about whether they should contain protease or not ?? Theory 1 - the protease is needed to break down the yeast. Theory 2 - the protease kills the good probiotics so detrimental for candida cure??? Then I think rotating one week each of coconut oil, grapefruit seed, oregano oil - because apparently the yeast can become resistant if you use the same thing for more than about 7 days. One problem with my plan is it is hich in saliclylates but I think I'm going to trial that. He's been on high magnesium doses and daily epsom baths for a few months now, alongside other stuff, so I'm hoping he can tolerate the sals slightly better. If anyone can see a problem with my plan or offer more advice please do let me know.


Thanks   irked.gif     irked.gif 

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Hello all,


My almost 18 month old definitely has leaky gut. She had terrible ezcema and extreme "colic" - crying and obvious digestive pain from 3 weeks onwards. I cut out all corn, nuts, gluten, dairy, soy, tomatoes, chocolate and limited alot of other things out of my diet and we say immediate results. But we never hit a baseline. She was still super fussy, hyper active, demanding, and a terrible sleeper (woke up every 30-90 minutes). Then at 12 months we did an IgG and I have to tell you, it changed our life. The nutrionist we saw said that she had never so many intolerances in such a broad spectrum of foods in someone so young. So our diet totally changed. Strangely, I can have dairy, soy, chocolate now, and we can both have corn, gluten (but not wheat). We had to cut out a whole bunch of other things, like all seeds, coconut, rice, sweet potatoes, all citrus, melons, cruciferous vegs, mustard vegs, root vegs, poultry, oats, and tons more. She now regularly sleeps in 5-7 hour stretches, sleeps more in general (at 9 months she slept a total of 11 hours a day and now at 18 months sleeps a total of 13 hours a day) and is more mellow and happy. She still sleeps very very restlessly, rolling all over the bed, sitting up, flopping over in her sleep. Does any one else's LO experience this?


We also started giving her probiotics and L-Glutamine, and after a few weeks she was able to tolerate me eating things that she still can't directly have, which was good because I was STARVING on her diet (no one is BFing me!).


The IgG was not totally accurate, but it really helped to have something to work with. Before I was digging in the dark. I never could get an accurate read. Not having more than 2 hours of sleep for a year did not help. But now I know what a baseline looks like so it's easier to test food. We're getting another one done, with a panel of food this week since it's been 6 months and we want to see where we're at now.


But I'm running out of food options. The hard part is DD doesn't always want to eat what she can eat or should eat that day, so doing a formal rotation doesn't work. We still BF, so there is always that. She goes through phases with food, eating something like crazy for a few days and then not wanting it for a couple of weeks. I've decided to follow her lead because it's just easier and I feel like she knows what she needs - somehow she never liked the things that she is most intolerant of, like sweet potatoes and broccoli and chicken.


I need some time to look through the links of this thread, but I would like to be more proactive about helping her gut heal.



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Tattooed Hand - have you heard of the food chemicals intolerances  - oxalate, salicylate, phenol, amine, histamine, glutamate etc. I'm guessing you probably have, so I'm not going to describe them more now, but if you haven't then it's worth a google and I'd be happy to tell you a load more.


We still haven't done the IgG with DS but we use NAETS, naturapath and food elimination and have had accurate results that way. Like you daughter he is intolerant to many things - salicylates are one of his problems and possibly another food chemical but because we have him on a sals free, candida diet with no gluten/eggs/dairy - so no fruit or veg apart from cabbage, leeks, peas, green beans and asparagus, and then just meat/fish and brown rice/quinoa/millet/amaranth - it's quite sad now that I can write out the list of what he can eat far more easily than listing what he can't eat ! 


Thanks for the reminder about the L-Glutamine - I took him off the one he was on as some of the other things were high sals and need to get him back on it again.


His cough is back today (first time for about 6 weeks - maybe longer) and behaviour has been bad so I have a terrible feeling he is intolerant to something new - maybe the liver life supplement which is high sals I'd guess - that is frustrating because we had hoped his sals intolerance wasn't as bad as that ! But then again that may be better than the other alternative, which is that he is intolerant to one of the few foods he has left. I know we have over-dosed him on rice lately but it's so hard not to when the choices are so limited. I am really thinking we have no choice but to do GAPS diet - and that's going to be hard! I may book him for the IgG this week !


This whole healing the gut thing is really hard work ! 

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Good Books about Leaky Gut


Book recommendations on healing leaky gut. I have found these to be particularly helpful in learning more about leaky gut and how to heal it - please let me know if you have used others and found them useful. I'm mainly using amazon links for ease.


http://www.amazon.com/Gut-Psychology-Syndrome-Depression-Schizophrenia/dp/0954852001  this is the book by the GAPS diet author - even if you are not doing GAPS the book is well worth reading as it discusses leaky gut in general and doesn't just push the diet (although obviously she believes the diet is important  - and she is probably right !). If you are planning on doing the GAPS diet then http://www.amazon.com/Guide-Simple-Steps-Bowels-Brain/dp/B002ONFWUE/ref=pd_sim_b_1  is a great book  - although a lot of this info is available on line if you just want an overview, and the GAPS cookbook is also worth getting http://www.amazon.com/Internal-Bliss-Cookbook-following-Psychology/dp/0615409318/ref=pd_sim_b_2 


http://www.amazon.com/Enzymes-Your-Practical-Guidelines-Digestive/dp/0972591893/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1306973104&sr=1-7-spell  This book is great and talks about much more than just enzymes - it really does cover most aspects of healing leaky gut - although you will probably be convinced to use enzymes as part of your healing treatment. It is easy to read and she is great at explaining enzymes in a way that you don't need to degree in bio-chemistry. Even if you child is not autistic I would also recommend http://www.amazon.com/Enzymes-Autism-Neurological-Conditions-Updated/dp/0972591850/ref=pd_sim_b_1  I haven't read it yet but she refers to it often and I can tell it also has a huge focus on healing leaky gut (which is one of the main causes of autism). It is going to be my next buy.


Another book that I am surprised (and almost embarassed) to be recommending is http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Preventing-Autism-Complete-Guide/dp/B0040RMEI0/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1306974019&sr=1-2  I am not a Jenny McCarthy fan - while I absolutely respect any Mum that goes to efforts she has gone to for her child I still don't like her. That said if your child has severe gut issues and you suspect, or know, there are also related issues with toxicity/metals/liver impairment/methylation etc then this is quite a good starter book. It is very easy to read and while the science is simplistic it is a good starting point before you go onto the more advanced stuff. Again don't worry if you child is not autistic - mine isn't - but at a bio-medical level alot of this stuff overlaps (this is definately one for your more severe leaky gut child though).


sorry I have to leave it here for now - I'll post more later


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