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I always have very vivid dreams while pg but this time has been awful. I've had nothing but nightmares from the beginning, really scary ones, too. All of them end with my children being in deadly danger. Do you suppose it could mean anything? I've had premonition type dreams in the past so this is really starting to upset me.
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I hope it's just a crazy preggo symptom and not a premonition because I've been having them too! I haven't had one in a couple of weeks but there was a couple of weeks when I was having them almost nightly. It was also right around the time when I wasn't getting much sleep so maybe that's what was causing them? But they were almost all about someone trying to kill me in really violent ways. There were nights when I couldn't go back to sleep for hours because the nightmare was so upsetting. Hopefully yours will stop soon.

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I came back here because I realized I hadn't subscribed to my own thread (I forget to do that all the time. eyesroll.gif) and saw that you posted.

Mine have been like that, too. Someone or something is trying to hurt or kill me and my kids end up being targets. They have been coming less frequently than in the beginning, I think. In the beginning of this pg it was nightmare after nightmare every night. Now it seems to be maybe one nightmare (no other dreams that I can remember) 2 or 3 times a week. I wake up right before anything really horrible happens and then I can't get back to sleep. I'm hoping it's just not-so-subconscious fear about having 4 kids (3 little ones) and my ability to take care of them all.
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Sorry you're having such rough time getting good sleep.  I don't know much about dreams, or what they mean, but it seems logical that if you're having some anxiety about parenting 3 LO's that your dreams could be a reflection of those feelings.  hug2.gif  I hope that the dreams continue to ease up and let you get the rest you deserve at night.


As for me personally, I'm not having "nightmares" but the dreams I do have are so bizarre.  Last night I dreamt that I was traveling through Vietnam with Anthony Bourdain (from the Travel Channel).  At one point we were out in the jungle and he was trying to get me to hold some insane looking biting scary bug, which of course I refused.  Not cool!  Next thing I know I'm on a bus to travel to the hotel and end up talking with a former boss of mine, all the while mixing some yellow and white flour(?) on the floor of the bus.  Um...what the heck.  Too strange and didn't help me sleep for sure!

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I agree that it is just your mind trying to work through your fears. It sucks though!

Something that might help is focusing on positive, happy thoughts right before you go to sleep--a gratitude journal or just visualizing yourself at peace and all your little ones safe. It's worth a try! I hope your nightmares go away soon. Hugs!
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I've been having weird dreams lately, too. Last night it was that I started bleeding (I'm 5 mo. pregnant, & haven't had any spotting at all), & wondered if I was going into labor. Just before going to sleep I had visualized having a healthy, peaceful birth & felt really good about it. I don't know, but I think our subconscious minds are working out fears & anxieties. There are plenty of those to go around!

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