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Rave for the Ergo!

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I just want to rave a bit about the Ergo Baby Carrier!

I bought one last week because my chunky monkey of a son is now 22 lbs and wiggly - and won't stay in the sling comfortably! We were using an unpadded Maya (which I loved) and he'd arch his back when cranky - and potentially slide out the bottom, you know - and he's all into diving and grabbing things, which made for some spectaciular saves, lol.

So, time for something new. I wanted to still carry him, however, and found the Ergo! I have to rave that I really like it! And would highly recommend it for chunky babe's and older babies/toddlers. And no, I don't sell them, lol!

I got mine for $85 online.

My son has taken about four 3 - 5 hour rides in it so far and we have both been comfortable walking around the mall, going to festivals etc.

It's been a lifesaver - I like to encourage all slinging mamas and those inclined to hold their babies to continue to do so, and this product is helping me.

So, there you go. Try an Ergo when your babe outgrows the slings you have and keep carrying him or her


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I love mine too! Comfortable for hours, fits both me (5'6") and dp (6'6"), baby loves it, and it's even black
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Ergo mama, here

LOVE ours too...use it every single day!
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I'm so glad you like it; I've heard great things about it, too. Can you nurse in it?
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Yep, I love mine with my 25 lb DS as well. It's so easy to carry him in and it doesn't hurt my shoulders.
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I love my Ergo!!
Can you nurse in it?
it says you can, but I havent been able to figure it out yet. I am very small chested and think if I had a little more I might be able to position to nurse. Any suggestions on this from other moms?
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Joining the ergo party! I love, love, love mine. We have had it for about a month and dd is 33 lbs. I can wear it for hours. I can switch her from front to back without removing her (even if she's sleeping) and it is the only carrier I can nurse in (but I have rather large breasts so that makes it easier)!
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I can't nurse in mine and I have DDD boobs

I think it's because dd is very long and I'm only average-sized, but in any case her head is way too far from my breasts to even think about nursing in the Ergo.
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