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We have a ton of books! We have a ton of CD's. We have a ton of DVDs. 

They are literally just taking up space. Every time I ask DH to decided what he wants to keep and what can go he is almost offended. 

How did you solve the media overload problem?


He doesn't like the idea of a book/computer but what else do you do?

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It took a long while of suggesting it gently to my husband, but I got the offended look too for many a year! Finally he came to a place within himself that allowed him to purge what he really didn't care for anymore, and we did. It made a dent, but we still have such a collection. Right now I'm working the Nook/Kindle angle and asking if we can transfer some of our dusty tomes to digital. He didn't go for the "let's donate all our classics and just borrow from the library" idea.


More than anything, he's sold off quite a few DVDs he bought on a whim or the ones we would only watch once since we got Netflix. It's a process.

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He didn't go for the "let's donate all our classics and just borrow from the library" idea.

Hahaha! Likewise!

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This thread was on my mind last night and today when I was cleaning the bathroom. Our magazine basket, not so stuffed with magazines, but it had a few, well I decided that it's time for it to be repurposed. What a difference not having that taking up space and worrying about DS splashing it! I'm almost down to zero subs again (we were there but let some back in). If DH wants to read a novel while on the throne, he can take it in with him and leave with it, or get an e-book and read it on his iPhone. Since we both have phones, I don't really see the need for a Nook or Kindle at this point.


I'm going to make a concerted effort to try to limit my physical paper book purchases to our son's storybooks and get my own things digitally going forward. I hope DH does the same!

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