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tall and heavy toddler recommendation?

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after vacuuming the entire house with dd on my back, i realized that i might want to get another carrier.  we have an ergo, which i've always loved, but it seems so short and non supportive unless she's leaning forward.  is there something else out there for us to try that is much like the beloved ergo but higher in the back?  (of course we're really mostly doing back carry now if that helps) thanks,

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I love my oh snap for a toddler carry.  People also really love Kinderpacks, but they can be really hard to get hold of- especially toddler or preschool sized.   The Boba is another taller carrier that is designed for toddlers.



The Ergo is a really short-bodied carrier, so most toddler carries will be a lot more supportive for you.

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I second the Oh Snap, it's a really great easy to find toddler sized soft structured carrier.  Kinderpacks are supposed to be awesome, but like the PP mentioned they can be harder to find.  Good luck in your search!

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awesome!  thanks, mamas!

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You may want to look into the Boba too. It's  a SSC that's wider and taller than the Ergo (if you're familiar with that). Just be aware that if you're small framed like me (I'm 5'2'' and 100lbs not pregnant) it may be a little bulky on you. If you're bigger than me though it may be just the thing to keep your toddler comfy and safe. 

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I have a Boba and love it for my toddler, but I've recently discovered a lesser-known toddler carrier that I am COMPLETELY in love with!!  Check out Babies Beyond Borders Mei Favorite Buckle or Half-Buckle Carriers.  I have the half-buckle, because I like to have a lot of adjustability in the top straps, but the tall back and support of these BBB carriers are incredible!  



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