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Other people discipling your pets

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Does this bother you? I don't understand why people think this is ok!


The other day we had family over for a big potluck dinner. My DH's grandmother is very elderly, she HATES house pets, and she is very prone to falling. All these factors in mind, I decided to put my big dog outside (where he will stay put) and my little dog shut away from the guests (he will NOT stay in the yard naughty pup). One of DH's aunt's asked to use the restroom, we have three. I told her she can go upstairs to either of the bathrooms up there, or she can use the downstairs one, but that my dog is in there and he will be excited to see a visitor. She goes into the room with the dog. The entire time she is in there, we can hear her yelling at my little prince and when she comes back out she says , "Stupid stinky dog".


This was three days ago and I am still really upset over it! I put my pets away for the comfort of others and offered alternatives if someone didn't want to see them. It was her decision to go in where he was.


For the record he is 14 pounds and was probably jumping up on her.  And yes, he is stinky, but no one is allowed to call him that but me lol.gif



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hmm I've been on both sides of the fence.

I don't like my mom's doberman at all. She isn't trustworthy around DD and has nipped at her a couple of times. It makes me very angry. When I am with the dog I get stressed out and end up calling her a dumb dog and I tell her she $&@^# me off...This dog drives me crazy and I have to see it all the time. 


Now on the other hand, my MIL tries to discipline our dog in ways that are totally unacceptable to me. She sprayed my dog in the face with a squirt gun while it was crated when it was howling because it gets major separation anxiety when we go out. We live in MIL...

I came home and that was one of the biggest fights I have ever had with her. I totally lost it, my scared dog was so happy to see a person I bet and then she gets squirted in the face...So yeah I do have issues with other people disciplining my dog but I am a hypocrite because I call my mom's dog dumb...I am very conflicted as you can see.

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I would be annoyed,but you did give them the option to use the bathroom with  the dog. I have a mini pin who stinks up fast so I know how that goes. I would put a sign on the door next time telling guests to use another bathroom.


I lock up my dogs when people come over and expect the PEOPLE to stay away from the dogs.Lol,if they complain about the smell I offer them the chance to bathe my stinkerdoodle doggies!


And I too am the only one allowed to call the dogs names,lol.

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I have no problem with other folks disciplining my pets, or kids for that matter, when either is doing something wrong.  However, I would totally have a problem with someone who doesn't like pets, deliberately using the bathroom I had locked the pets away in, and then b!^@#!*& about the pet being in there aren being annoying.  My dog is jumping when not supposed to, fine, discipline.  My dog is locked up in a bathroom, you are advised to use the other one and STILL choose to put yourself in the small room with my dog and then are surprised when my dog annoys you, that's not ok. 



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I feel the same way about disciplining someone else's pet as I do disciplining their child.  If the parent/owner is there, they deal with it.


I have to watch our Chessie when people come over because he's so friendly and leans into everyone to get petted.  But he's 120 pounds so he can easily push people over without meaning to.  I have a neice who's terrified of dogs so when she comes over, the dogs get put away.  They don't deal well with a terrified child and she certainly doesn't deal well with overly friendly dogs. 

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This behaviour is really wrong ! I mean , it´s like she went looking for a reason to yell at the poor animal , after all , you told her , that the dog is in there and she chose to go there anyway ? HELLO !!!angry.gif

And I agree with Allison , when I am around , I discipline my kids and my pets . You were already considerate for locking them away , if you know , your guests don´t like pets , they had no right to go and look for trouble .

After all , this is YOUR house , not theirs , and even if you choose to put a cow in the living room , it´s your business .

Next time , I would just tell , whoever is coming over , that doesn´t like animals , this are the bathrooms you can into , this one is off-limits ! PERIOD !

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Thank you for the support mamas grouphug.gif I told DH how much it upset me before I posted it here and he didn't get it at all. Oh and by the way, my little doggie went to the groomer today and he got a blueberry facial so he doesn't stink anymore...I wish someone would give me a blueberry facial greensad.gif lol.gif

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I guess I wouldn't have given the option of the bathroom with the dog.  I also have no problem with others disciplining my pets (within reason of course) or my child.  Whether I am there or not...I do not have eyes everywhere.

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