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CSA's around Hingham/Norwell/Rockland MA

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Anyone know of any CSA's (with openings) around Exit 13/14/15 on Rt 3?

The 2nd year of Norwell Farms is full and 1st year of Weir Farms in Hingham- so two strikes on the wait list/ lottery.  There is one in Milton and I looked at a whole bunch around Duxbury and Marshfield, but now I've forgotten which ones I've looked at.


Just wondering if anyone knows of one that I might have overlooked.



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Heaven's Harvest Farms has a Hingham pickup.




That's all I know of.

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Thanks! I'm hoping to find one that we can be at the farm, in the dirt- so to speak.  I found another one in Marshfield, but they are slowly adding animals and only have a few right now.

We were at Colchester Farm in Plympton before we moved, so it's hard to give up the sheep & lambs, piglets, goats, chickens, turkeys, cat, and our favorite, dapple the donkey.


So I'm weighing a shorter drive over visiting with the animals.  I'm just relieved that there are some openings.



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I know you want to do an at the farm pick up, but FWIW we did the Stillman's Farm CSA at the Quincy Farmer's Market pickup on Fridays.  We just signed up for another year--loved it!  We're vegetarians, but they do also have meat shares too.  I believe they still have openings. I know it's a bit further up Rte 3, but my work commute is actually between Quincy and Norwell and it honestly only adds like another 12 minutes.  

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I used to live in Plymouth and will likely be at the Plymouth Market on occasion (I'm at there for the Holistic Moms meetings we've been holding after the market. I do want a farm pick up as  my first choice.   There are some CSA's that have a drop in Hingham or closer that I'd probably do.

Thanks!  I hadn't realized there was even a pickup then- It's a great option.






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