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Carschooling book?

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Does anyone have this? Did you like it, love it, hate it?




A few not so great reviews. Thought I'd ask here first before ordering!

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I have it. It has some cute ideas. I got mine from the library before purchasing. Maybe you could do the same?
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Normally I do, but ours doesn't have this book. Is it worth $20, do you think? If it's just got a few good ideas, I think I'll pass.

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Is that the ebook you get for free when you sign up to participate in the homeschool buyer's coop?  There's some ebook about carschooling that they send you.  I wasn't terribly impressed.  Everything seemed either obvious (sing counting songs!) or impractical.

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I was thinking of this book:

I didn't pay $20 for it. I got it either on Ebay or PBS. I wouldn't have paid $20 for it, but I'm cheap, LOL!
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