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VBA2C update threat..I DID it!!

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so I am 39 weeks on thursday and thought I let you guys know whats new with me and the bean lol!!

Good news: Baby is LOA...pretty engaged, cervix is mostly gone/effaced...last week I was still just 1 cm, but I been in pain a lot this week so that may have changed Wink

Well most of you know I just moved to Alabama from AZ 3 weeks ago, we just got into our place and received our furniture, boxes everywhere...I hardly have anything set up for the little one...it bothers me in a way, but somehow I believe it keeps me busy and my mind off of waiting you know, I been having contractions a lot lately, but I ignore them as I tell myself not just yet I need to get the nest done first ..lol..you know what I mean? So here I am about 8 days away from my dd and leave things happening as they come, hoping all works out at the end!!

By the way I did get the professional VBAC experienced more expensive Doula anyways and I found a babysitter service that has some people on call for us.... so wohoo....

I am guess I am just asking for some encouragement and prayers for us for now Smiley


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Awesome! Keep us posted!  You are just a couple weeks ahead of me. I'm ready for it! I know I can do it, and I know you can too.

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Everything will work out.  luxlove.gif  KUP!!!

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I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way! I am working for a VBAC in May, so I know I will be where you are in a couple of months.



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Sending good thoughts your way!

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Good luck!  I'll be having a VBA2C in November.  Keep us posted! 

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Just wanted to say good luck!

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Thank you guys....:)


Unfortunately, I am in no good mood today :( ..I had my 39 week check up today and nothing has changes again, Baby is low about -2/-1 station, 80% effaced and still 1 cm with a darn stubbort Postirior Cervix...aaaa...I been going to the chiropracticer twice a week, use EPO orally and vaginally and nothing is changing...I have contractions a lot and I am sure they are trying to get to move the cervix forward, but its stuck behind the Babys head.....I know all those measurements mean nothing in most cases, but for me they are a huge backflash in the past...this is my third attempt to have a vaginal birth and those numbers are as good as I ever got in any of my pregnancy/pre birth....so thats why I frown on them...cry!!

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You'll make it!!  You still have plenty of time to go into labor.  Try not to worry about this "stuck" point from your previous pregnancies, you'll get past it.  Your body is going to do exactly what it is supposed to, it has grown and protected this baby, so let it continue to do what it do, baby!! 

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Thank you...its just hard cause i want it so badly...with my first i had a posterior cervix with my induction and i never dialated, thats what gets me discouraged about it, I hope it moves forward before labor and that soon :)

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Hang in there. I refused cervical checks with my second b/c I have heard they don't mean anything ( stories from Moms who walk around at 4 cm for weeks, and Moms who are checked showing "nothing" who deliver very soon after) and they are a possible source of infection. I also had prepared in my mind that I was going to go to 42 weeks, so that I would not be disappointed at the passing of my due date without baby showing up. (So I was unprepared (only 1/2 packed)  when my water broke at 38 weeks LOL)


Wishing you lots of ELV and open cervix vibes!

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I actualy added a couple of days to my "actual" due date so they will no stress me when time comes its a huge relieve when you have no pressure....I am basically officially due on thursday 03/24 and I do not feel like I need to have the Baby out of me right now, I would be fine with a couple more weeks I think, physically. The only thing about that is that I loose trust in this the latert I go and the less I am making progress, you understand its the third time and I always get the same answers towards the end..."well nothing has changed"  and I get a frown on my face, I have a great OB who is very supportive and encourages me even I am sure the c-section will be the last thing he will do in my case...if he wants to check me I am fine with that, I am cooperative since he is too, plus I insert EPO caps, have Sex etc...nothing less or more riscy than my OBs clean sterile glove I think :) but yeah of course I like to keep it to a min. !!


It would just be so nice not to worry, not to stress out over being past due and the what now parts ....and just have labor come on its own and the da.......m cervix move where its supposed to......I flip out if I have to face all that pressure again, why can things not go smoothly....ugh I guess I just wait and hope its going to happen this time, it would be just fair!! 

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I had my first NST today, and ultrasound, Baby looks good a bit smaller, but OB said he can wait and sees no reason to induce or anything esp. with my history just yet.

another NST on Monday, he did mention that he does not like to wait to far after 41 weeks though...which is just the general thing I guess.

Baby does not seem to stay put in a position at all...it now went back from LOA to ROP, what a stinker LOL....also no changes as far as dialation goes, still 1 cm 80% effaced and still posterior cervix (not as bad as before though)...it came down a bit to about -1...looks like I am not doing much on progress at all right? Sad
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Hang in there and try not to stress.  (I know - easier said than done.)  It's very common for baby to wait to engage and stuff until very close (or in) labor.

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You're doing great on progress!!  Take a bath tonight and talk to your baby.  Hang out with your children b/c soon their lives are going to be a little crazier with a newborn.  Enjoy these last moments of pregnancy, if you can, right?  You're doing awesome, hang in there, everything will work out!! 

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You're doing great.  As you know, you'll look back on these days and say they flew by.  :)  Are you interested in having the doc strip your membranes? 

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I am actually in no hurry at all...just got done moving in and unpacking most boxes..I could use a few days and nights of rest and less stress :)


My plan is to get the membranes striped on monday and just see what it does, on tuesday I want to see an scupuncturist..he said most woman when ready go into labor soon after, some need a couple more procedures, I just want to give it a bit of a nudge in the labor direction and not start too late with that, so eventually I hope the ball will start rolling :)

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close to 41 weeks ...ugh!!
I just found out that my baby is in a posterior position now ( they told me when they did my ultrasound). Now it makes sense since I have some lower backpain lately Sad

I have read that it can cause you to go post dates and have lots of prodomal labor...I never lay on my back and I go to the chiro no idea why she choses that position....Huh?

I been on my knees a lot now, tried the inversion, but I do not really like to be that invasive since it gets baby out of my pelvis I am afraid It will get the cord to get in where it should not be...Anyways anything else I could try too???

My doula thinks I might not get the baby to go LOA till I am in labor, but wouldn't it be better to start labor with a good positioned Baby?


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hug2.gif Have you tried the spinning babies website? Does your doula do rebozo? Hoping your baby will turn around before labor- but people can and do have posterior babies VBAC so don't lose hope.

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My 9th baby was my 7th VBAC and born posterior at over 10lbs. honestly, I never thought much about my baby's position, I just let things flow and al came out.

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