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I wish I could believe it would all still happen...I am clinging on to anything to not give my hopes up just yet...

had another NST today...baby looks fine, however she is posterior and I am not dialated enough for him to strip my membranes nor anything else!

I went to my Chiropracticer she adjusted me but said she would not do an inversion and I should leave baby where it is since its head down.

I feel so discouraged this is my 3rd vaginal attempt and I can feel contrax coming on and not doing much and fading away...maybe its Babys position maybe its my body just not working out things...If I do not go into labor on my own, he said he has very limited options to get my labor induced, since he can not strip my membranes, nor put a foley bulb in or break water....the inner cervix is just too tight.

Tomorrow I will try some accupuncture, all I can do is wait and have faith RIGHT?


I am actually 41 weeks tomorrow, but for my OB its going to be on thursday :) Anyway...eventually my time is running out I can not be pregnant forever and I am trying to get my Baby to be in a better position and hope that it will come out of its posterior position but so far no success..she is not all engaged but at -1 station with her back slightly to the right but face pretty much looking up....I did all I can so far, now God please just send me into labor and give me a chance !! 

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Hang in there. The contractions are making your body ready... even if you don't feel like they are strong enough to do anything. Try and get some rest and relaxation so the stress hormones aren't making your body try to shut down labor. You are not "overdue" until you get to 42w 1d.


My OB starts advising sex (ugh, I said) as much as you can from 37 weeks on. Something to do with the prostaglandins (sp?) in the sperm or whatever. I tried nipple stimulation with a breast pump- it did give me contractions.


 Can you try to visualize your cervix opening up and saying positive affirmations to yourself?


Can you watch a funny movie that has you doing belly laughs?


I've got my fingers crossed for you and wishing you ELV's

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Your right, you've done everything you can.  Now, you have to let go, turn it over to God, mother nature.  You still have plenty of time, your body is getting ready, baby is getting ready.  Trust yourself. 


(I am thinking of everything I would want to hear.  I will be doing a HBA2C, maybe soon, and I had a TOL 9 months ago that ended in c-section.  So, I understand the fear and lack of trust for our bodies.  But looking back, my body never failed me.  It was never given the time and support it needed.  Everyone, including me at times, was always trying to speed things along.  If I give my body a chance, and be patient, I am sure it will turn out fine.  I believe the same is true for you as well.) 

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Isabelle was born April 1st at 9:31 am, 7lb 13 oz 20 in...("April fools day") and we did fool a lot of people who could never believe that what we did could happen....!!!

I will write the whole story, but here is in a nutshell how many "opstacles" we had to overcome and still made it possible!

She was and stayed in a Posterior Asyclitic Presentation (may be due to my twisted uterus) no webster, chiro, accupuncture or spinning babys was able to change that position, but we made it work, I also had scar tissue on cervix etc...it took a few tricks, but I was able to deliver my beautyfull little girl safley healthy and fine by VBAMC....without my Doula, who started questioning my ability to birth ....nobody but some great nurses and my husband...but most importantly Isabelle, I and God were a team and I was in a place in tune with my body and my faith able to deliver her, 10 hr of labor and not even 40 min of pushing....it took some work and tricks and was not intervention free, but I was in charge over all that was happening and had not been cut open again...I got my VBAMC!!
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Congratulations!!! biggrinbounce.gif

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Congrats! I am so happy for you. I look forward to hearing your full birth story. My babe has been posterior but I've also had some labor signs that aren't going anywhere (39w).



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Congrats!  That's awesome!

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Congratulations!  :)

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joy.gifcongrats! Can't wait to read the long version of your story but enjoy those baby snuggles in the meanwhile.

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Wooohoooo!!!  Nice work mama!


I can't wait to hear all the details, but it sounds like you and Isabelle and God were quite the team :)

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Congrats!!!!!!!!! You give a lot of hope to a future VBA2C mom (hopefully praying.gif)

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You give a lot of hope to a future VBA2C mom (hopefully praying.gif)


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