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question from a new member

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I'll be honest, i'm still on the vax/no vax fence, but am heavily leaning toward no vax for my new little one.  My 8 & 6 year olds have all their vaxes :(  my 4 year old has almost all of hers and my new one, 2 months, has had none so far.  My question is this: my oldest has always been very sickly.  after she was born and was given those 2 shots she screamed all night long and continued to be unhappy for the next 6-8 months.  back then I didn't know there was an option to not vax, heck I didn't even think vaxes could be dangerous so I'm just now putting the puzzle together and it seriously makes me want to vomit knowing what I know now.  Anyway, my 8 year old...very very smart girl but her health has always been poor.  what is normally a quick virus for her siblings is an extended sickness for her that nearly lands us in the hospital each time.  I am wondering if there is a connection between the vaxes and her health state.  I know this may not be the right forum, and if it isn't please feel free to move it.  If there could be a connection, what can I do to restore her immune system?  Anything?  I've read about SA for pertussis, but it seems to have some great health benefits for overall immunity, would you suggest this?  I've also seen stuff like clay baths etc for sale, but am skeptical about those.  Please, any info or tips would be so welcome, I'm tired of watching her struggle...here are things she struggles with:

re-occuring chest/respiratory infections which have led to pneumonia twice, exzema, super high fevers when sick (104-105), 24 hour stomach bugs last 3-6 days, colds always lead to the respiratory infections stated above...she just never seems well.  I've started using more natural treatments of colds and such and have seen some improvement, but not enough to label her as a healthy child.  Thanks for your time and input.

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I had alot of issues with my daughter as well and my ped recommended removal of her adenoids and she has been sick 2 times since the procedure almost 2 years ago.  When they recommended this to me it sounded like insanity and I thought it was completely unrelated.  I took her to a specialist and everything and they told me her adenoids were a normal size and everything.  I finally went threw with it and it was the best thing I ever did for her she is living a normal life instead of living in the doctors office every week

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To OP -


yes your child's poor health may be from vaccines - but it may not be. And in the end it doesn't really matter (at least for her).


BUT your 8 year old needs help clearly. My suggestion would be to find a naturopathic doctor, and a  good chiropractor and begin restoring her health. My entire family has embraced alternative medicine and the results have been amazing. There is way too much info out there in terms of what to use/try/what is safe to try to navigate it on your own IMO. I really think you need some professional guidance. Good luck!

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thank you for your input!  we live in a very rural area, naturopaths are hard to come by but I'll definitely do my best to find someone.

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My oldest son gets sick a lot, although with much milder illnesses.  Here are some preventive measures which I use and recommend.  1) Sambucus (black elderberry).  If I catch his cold right at the start, giving that every 3 hours the first day results in either a milder cold or it goes away.  2) I give Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) to my son.  The kind I use comes in small softgels (she'd have to swallow those, but they're very small).  I started by giving my son one of these a day (5,000 IU), but have increased it to two in the morning and he hasn't been sick lately.  I read recently that you'd have to take as much as 40,000 IU to overdose on Vit. D3, so two is OK from that info. Vit. D3 is what you get from sunshine.  In the summer one reason less people get sick is because of more sunshine exposure-(Vit. D3) 3)  A high quality probiotic would be helpful for her.  If you make smoothies, you can open the capsule and mix it in that.  That's how I give it to one of my boys.  I pour in half of the smoothie, put in the probiotic, then the rest of the smoothie and he happily drinks it down.  As she's been sick so much, and so severely, I'm guessing she's had to be on antibiotics quite a bit.  Antibiotics wipe out good bacteria along with the bad ones, so replenishing the good bacteria in her gut with a probiotic will help her body have more ammunition (in the form of the good bacteria), to fight off the bad ones.

I purchase both the sambucus and Vitamin D3- (I like Neutraceutical's softgels @ 5000 IU) from vitacost.com  They have good prices there.




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