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Just started charting. Someone hold my had for a minute and reassure me?

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I just started charting this cycle and I have a history of long cycles (35-40 days).  I was diagnosed as having PCOS in my early 20's, even though I was active and not overweight at the time.  I am currently overweight but have been getting periods pretty regularly since DS was around 18 months old.  He is about to turn 4, so I have been regular for longer than I have ever been at this point.  I always have EWCM, and have noticed it each cycle since my periods returned after DS's birth.  I have definitely not seen any yet this cycle and am on CD25 right now.  I am not sure how long my luteal phase is though as this is my first cycle trying to figure things out.  Oh, and the day that there is no data (CD11) I had a fever and my temp was almost 99 so I discarded that one.  Also, I am not currently TTC, but just trying to figure out my cycles so I will be ready to TTC in a few months.


Here is a link to my chart:  Any clues?

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Well I'm no expert but if you have longer cycles, you might be waiting to O right now.  Are you following all of the "rules?"


Temping as close as possible to the same time each day

with a BBT thermometer

same side of your mouth under your tongue (or vaginally)  (got this from a FF Guide)

noting any temp changes in the room or illnesses


Honestly if you've been sick, this cycle just might not be clear.  Fever and mouth breathing mess up a cycle.  I'd just wait and see what this one looks like, then next cycle you'll have something to compare it to.  Good luck!


If you want, join us on the Charting to Avoid thread under Family Planning...since you're not actively TTC. 


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I have been temping at somewhat the same time each day but I always have to get up to use the bathroom every single morning.  Sometimes it is at 2 in the morning, sometimes it is at 4, but It happens every night and I can't wait to temp and then go, I need to get in there and then I come back to bed and go back to sleep.  My alarm goes off at 6:15, so I end up temping then, so I don't always have 4 hours of sleep before taking my temp. 


I do use the same side of my mouth, deeply under my tongue though.  I didn't know that different sides matter, but I just do it out of habit at this point.  It is also a BBT that beeps when it is done, so I don't even turn on the lights, just pop it under my tongue and wait until it beeps and then turn the lights on. 


I might pop in over in charting to avoid, but I am really hoping to start actively TTC in about a month or two, so not sure where that puts me.

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Mmm, being up that much must be hard on you!  I would just go with 6:15, regardless of when you've been up. But yeah, not ideal. 


I thought the "same side of the mouth" thing was crazy too, but one of the FF guides seems to think it matters.  I dunno!

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Hi Pumpkin Pie! (that has a nice ring to it haha)


No charting advice here, sorry, but I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. This is my first cycle ever charting and I always feel like I'm doing something wrong. My temps have been very "flat" - all the same temp - but according to FF that's because of the thermometer. I'm having a BBT one shipped to me. Even when I start using the correct thermometer, I'll be interested to see if my chart will be able to reveal any information. I too have long cycles, 39 is my average but I have had up to 69 days. I also just got diagnosed with PCOS. Know that you aren't alone! My fingers are crossed for you when you start actively TTC!!

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Just a quick reply since I'm on my phone--if you were stressed or sick pre-ovulation (especially with a fever!), your ovulation could be delayed as a result. That's where I am currently at too, I think. Also, I have found temping vaginally is more consistent for me than orally, especially if I am congested. You just want to be consistent throughout the cycle, so don't switch halfway through.

Good luck and keep at it--it gets easier!
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