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A day in the life...

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Of a three month-old! Mamas of two, three, four month-olds, please share! What do you do all day?  My DD is 11.5 weeks old, and I want to make the most of our time together!

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My LO will be 12 weeks this weekend. We wake up around 6:30 or 7:00. She eats and then we do a diaper change (if I do it before she eats she isn't happy). We hang out for about 15 minutes while she looks at and bats at the toys above her changing area to give her butt some open air time. Then we go say hi to the dogs and wander around the house a bit. She will eat again and then pass out in her swing until noonish, sometimes later. Diaper change again then more eating.


Here's a list of the things we do while she is awake and happy in the afternoon:

I read books to her. She especially likes it if I am very expressive and make hand gestures. She sits propped up and watches me.

She does some tummy time.

She lays on her back on her play mat and squirms around, kicking and batting at the hanging toys.

We go for a walk around the neighborhood - she's in her stroller. 

She likes to stand in front of the mirror and bounce up and down. Works best with no socks on! Also a great arm workout for me!

I put her in the Moby, put on some music and we dance around and sing.

We go out to run simple errands - the library, store, etc. I keep her in the Moby when we are out.

We go to meetups every now and then. We might try Babytime (story time for babies) at the library today. It isn't a meetup but something to do.

We go sit outside and watch the dogs play.

I talk to her all day long, basically narrating everything I do.

She likes to flop around on our couch or chair. She will sit leaning back, kind of slide over, then flop herself onto her tummy and push herself up onto the arm. I'm of course right there with her so she doesn't fall.


She will usually pass out again around 4:00, usually on me. I settle down with a book or watch some tv.


Daddy gets home around 6:00 and takes her for a bit after his shower. He spends as much time as he can with her. She gets grumpy around that time, so then it's back to mommy when she gets too fussy. At that point we just cuddle and sometimes do some of the things listed above, but she gets fussy from about 6:00 or 7:00 until we go to bed. She usually just nurses, then sleeps, wakes up, nurses, falls back asleep...then we go to bed around 10:00.


She isn't too interested in toys or anything yet. Once in a while she will actually grasp on and hold onto one for a while, but she doesn't show much interest in it. She also isn't sitting up on her own yet.


I'm also curious to hear what others do with this age group because they still don't do much yet!






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My DD is 4 months old. Here is a typical weekend day (DW is the SAHM so I can't answer this for weekdays):


Wake up at 7am, drink a bottle (pumped BM), diaper change, change clothes, then hang out on her changing table while we make breakfast. She usually entertains herself with her feet for about 20 minutes.


Move to the living room. Read books for about 10 minutes. I'm teaching her sign language and she LOVES to watch me finger sign the alphabet over and over for about 10 minutes. Then I'll make her laugh (new thing and I LOVE it!) by sitting her on my lap and dipping her head down and backwards, like upside down, and then back up. She'll enjoy this for about 10 minutes and throw her arms up to do it over and over. Tummy time (which now includes lots of rolling if she isn't too tired!) for about 10 minutes or as much as she'll handle. Then we'll make smiley, funny faces at each other for about 10 minutes, or just relax on the couch.


8:30 Naptime until about 10am, then bottle and diaper change


Playmat time for about 15 minutes. Then she'll sit in a bouncy seat in the kitchen while one of us cleans, washes dishes, etc. for about 30 minutes. I also put her on my bed, propped up with pillows and let her watch me fold and put away laundry. Then some cuddling and hanging out, being silly or more reading.


12pm Naptime until about 1:30pm. Then bottle and diaper change. Change into warmer clothes for a walk on the beach in the ring sling or a hike on the beach hills in the stroller for about an hour. Or to run errands if needed.


3pm Naptime until about 3:30 then diaper change. More playing, reading, rocking in the rocking chair, playing with her feet. She'll sit in her swing for a bit and play with a couple of toys, trying to shove them in her mouth or throw them down for me to pick up.


4:45 bottle and then naptime until 5:30 or 6pm. Then diaper change and sitting in the bouncy seat in the kitchen while we make dinner. Then sitting with us, watching intently while we eat. She will mimic the chewing movements with her mouth. We put her in her Bumbo seat on the chair at the dining table so she can "eat dinner with us".


7:30 diaper change into "bedtime diaper", change clothes into bedtime clothes (short sleeve onesie and socks under a double swaddle) Then last bottle of the night and then put to sleep afterward.



She STTN (thank goodness!) and then wake up at 7am and do it all over again...











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Loving these replies! Can't wait to  read more smile.gif


We usually stay in bed unil 8:30-9:00, and I talk to DD while she babbles and kicks the air. Then I put her on the change table and she airs her bum while I brush my teeth etc., and then I put her diaper and clothes on, wash her face and "brush her teeth" (when I remember - this is new)


We come out and say good morning to the dog, let her outside and go to the rocking chair. I nurse DD while checking email, FaceBook, MDC. Then DD hangs out in the bouncy chair or on a blanket on the floor while I give the dog her pill and feed her breakfast. After this, it varies. We've been going for daily walks this week, but it's getting impossible to navigate the stroller through the increasingly slushy streets/sidewalks (hooray, spring is coming!!)


Her naps have been shorter lately, and I have a tendency of getting into a tv show while she's asleep, then when she wakes up she only has half of my attention. I want this to stop Sheepish.gif

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"brush her teeth"

What do you do for this? I read something about getting them used to teeth brushing before they get teeth but haven't done anything yet.

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I bought a baby toothbrush and just gently brush her gums once or twice a day. If I can get her to open her mouth, I brush a little farther back, but usually I just get the gums around the front. I want it to be a positive experience, so I don't push it! She seems to like it so far. I run it under the tap to soften it up a little first.


P.S. My babe was born a day after yours hug2.gif

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