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Baby Acetaminophen

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Okay, so I know you're not supposed to give it to them before 2 months anyways, but I cannot find the generic infant Tylenol anywhere.  I've been to 7 stores in our area and they are all out.  We have plenty of the concentrate (the one in the dropper meant for kids over 24 lbs) but none for the little ones (for under 24 lbs).


I mentioned to our ped just adjusting the dosage of the older kid one for Jenevieve in case the supply is still an issue in a few months when teeth start coming in, and they acted like I was going to kill my child or something.  I also think that ibuprofen can be given at 12 pounds, though they'd prefer you to wait until your baby is 6 months.


So, is anyone else having trouble locating baby Tylenol (generic, of course)?  Has anyone been given a suitable alternative if you are having trouble finding the stuff?


Again, I'm not dosing her up with it now, but I am concerned this has been going on for some time in our area, as the pharmacists are all just saying "yeah, well, that's life." and some stores no longer even have tags for it on the shelf.

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That's weird, I sent my husband out for some and he bought the generic brand and I was annoyed!  We didn't end up using it but that's all they had at the local pharmacy...I did buy some pedicare "tylenol" at walgreens because they had a coupon, so I got 2 just to stock up.Have you tried there?Was tylenol recalled or something?  We don't really use it so I have no idea...





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I went to buy some infant tylenol before the birth just to have it on hand and there was none to be found at my local drugstore (CVS)

 must be recalled.....

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We found a generic kind at Target.

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We still haven't found any.  Seriously, I don't mean to sound lazy, but I can't even find it on any of the drugstore's websites, like Walgreens.com.  They have the concentrate on their website but not the one for little infants.  I feel like I live in a universe where I am the only one who remembers this product existing!  Do any of you see it on their websites or have any ideas how I might go about finding this?  I am at my wits end!


If not, I guess we are just going to let the doctor figure out the dosage for her DTaP appointment even though they don't believe me that I can't find the silly stuff.

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The concentrate is for infants, its concentrated so they dont have to swallow so much liquid.  At my 2 month check up today they said to give him .8 mls.

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