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How often do you bathe your baby?

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My DS is 10 moths old and I don't give him a bath every day, but he is eating a lot of solids now so I do bathe more often than when he was really little.  What do you do?  How often do you bathe your LO? 

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dd (5 months) spits up a lot so she gets a quick bath every night as part of her bedtime routine. if we miss a day because she fell asleep unexpectedly early she is pretty stinky by morning.

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Once a week. He is 20 months now but we have been on the same bath schedule since he was itty bitty.

I don't enjoy the bathing ritual; it stresses me out. So once a week it is. Not to mention I don't really see a reason to bathe him more often. He doesn't get really dirty (although I'm sure that will change soon) and he doesn't smell. So shrug.gif.

I only wash his hair about once a month. He HATES it.
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11 months old

He bathes with me 2x a week and 1x in his baby tub. We wash his hair 2x a week.

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Every day for the most part. Our routine is dinner between 5 & 6 PM and then bath immediately after. I undress dd as soon as she finishes eating and she sits on the potty while I run the bathwater. Then she and ds get in together and play while I clean the bathroom or sort laundry in the hallway (where I can still keep an eye on them). We usually put a little soap or bubble bath in the water for bubbles so they come out smelling clean anyway. Ds is required to scrub his stinky little self every night and I check to make sure he did it. dd, I only "scrub" maybe every other day. I wash her hair 2x a week and condition 3-4x a week to keep it from drying out. But both of my kids are very into their bath and will sit in there until the water is freezing and they look like raisins!


Occasionally we skip a day but it makes bedtime harder for dd so I try not to.

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My little one is 4.5 months old and I bathe him twice a week. Once he starts eating solids I'm sure there will be many more baths!

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I don't believe that people in general, and babies specifically, need as much washing as Western culture espouses, and especially not as much hair washing. Cecilia is 11 months old, and she gets in the shower or takes a bath about once a week to 10 days, sometimes upwards of 2 weeks. No soap or shampoo either; I don't think she needs it. I will wipe a spot here or there, like to get dinner off of her face, but I don't think it necessitates a full bath.

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I bathe him or take him in my shower whenever I feel like it. We don't have a routine for anything around here. His bum gets a wipe at every poopy diaper change of course. If his neck or ears are stinky from spit up then they get a quick wash before bed or before we go out. He usually gets a good shower or bath 1-2 times a week.
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My baby is 6 months and gets a bath about once a week unless he's had an especially messy dinner.  I don't usually bother with soap or washing his hair since I don't want to dry out his skin and hair.  We approach baths as recreational for Reece so that he is comfortable and enjoys being in the water. 

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When I think of it, LOL

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My DD will be 12 weeks old next weekend. Since she was born I bathed with her once every week to 10 days, and she has enjoyed her baths from day one. I got her ears pierced a week and a half ago, and they instructed me to care for her ears by cleaning them during baths/showers only, so we started bathing daily. Well, she loves her baths even more now! So I think we'll continue with more frequent "fun" baths, but I still only use baby soap once every week or two. (I can't wait to start swimming lessons when she's 6 months old!!)

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My 4-month-old son gets in the bath with me or his dad pretty much every evening as part of his bedtime routine. He really seems to enjoy it, so it's definitely recreational more than functional (we only actually soap him up about once every week or so). When he was teenier and hated the bath, we bathed him maybe every 10 days, if that. 

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We did it when she spit up on herself as a tiny baby-- probably twice a week. Now we usually do 1-2 a day because she gets food in her hair or squished between her toes. Most of the time it's after breakfast (yogurt, banana, oatmeal, and greasy eggs are her main breakfast foods). She's 8 mos. 

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We do recreational bathing with either me or DH probably once a week, but I don't remember the last time we used soap on him. He's six months.
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Since birth we've bathed DS 1-2 times a week. It's been once a week for a while now though since I'm pregnant and tired. He's 23mo.

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We bath our almost 10 m.o. everyday. She loves it and it has become part of the bedtime routine and a special time with Daddy. We also live in the tropics and she gets *very* sweaty, especially on her head which seems to make her itchy and uncomfortable.


When she was less mobile and it was cooler we didn't bath her nearly as often. It was about weekly for quite a while but I can't remember exactly when we started the nightly bath routine.


She also showers with us sometimes but usually that's more for fun or because I'm home alone.

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DD is 11 months and we have been giving her about one bath a week and showering with her about once a week - so two times per week or so. She doesn't have any visible dirt, she doesn't smell, she HATES being dressed and undressed, and DH and I are usually so tired that it has not been part of our regular routine.  DD likes baths just fine, I just don't really see the point in bathing her more than 1-2x per week unless it's just for fun. 

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dd is 8 months. she gets a once a week bath, and only that often because her hair gets greasy. when she was tiny and having reflux issues it was more like twice a week because she was getting covered in vomit. she has eczema pretty bad, so i avoid water on her skin unless it's really needed.

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DS is 1 and gets a bath every night.  He loves to splash and play in the water and the limited number of toys and space to play in seems to help relax him before bed.  He gets his hair washed each night (it seems to get itchy if I skip this) and the rest and couple times a week.  He has a little loofah he plays with and likes soap on it.  His belly is very very clean orngbiggrin.gif

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I'm so glad to read this!  I felt like the worst mom on earth, I bathe my son just once a week.  He hates bath time.  I've always thought that maybe it's because we don't do it often enough for him to get used to it, but he really doesn't need any more bathing...


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