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Hi new to DDC

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Hello, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a single first time mom with no contact with baby's father so its been tricky having no help but ds and i are figuring things out together and enjoying each other.  :) I currently live in Sacramento, and have lived in California my whole life, except for 3 months in beautiful Durango, Colorado, and one year in Thailand.  I have my elementary teaching credential and have worked with kids for most of my life.  I'm vegetarian, mostly vegan (can't help but sneak some ice cream in now and then).

 DS was born January 12 at home with no complications.  (nuchal hand but no tears or delays)  I had two wonderful midwives and two reiki masters.  

 He does not let me put him down for more than a couple minutes at a time, even when sleeping, thank goodness for my Moby or I might go crazy.  

The only way he will sleep at night is on my chest, but I don't mind I like the closeness.  Other than when he gets put down DS never cries, he is a very calm, happy baby.  He started socially smiling at two weeks!  Heart=melted.

Had a LOT of trouble with bf at first because I have very large breasts, but after a month and a half of using a nipple shield he easily transitioned to just the breast YAY!!!  I am currently attempting to re-lactate one of my breasts as I gave up on it two months ago...DS would just refuse it.  

We are cloth diapering, and I love it!  I have taken care of so many babies over the years and can't believe how much easier and less expensive it is.  Yes, its more laundry, but cloth wipes are so much quicker and gentler and No diaper rash!

I guess thats a good wrap up of the first two months.  Looking forward to getting to know all of you.  :)  

Aren't we so lucky to be moms?  

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welcome, better late than never. this group will be closing in a few months but im sure we will stay in touch over in the "Life With Babe" section

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Oh bummer!  I thought it would be cool to talk to moms who had babies the same age, even if I wasn't still pregnant.  Oh well!  Thanks for the welcome!

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It will be! Most DDCs usually make a special thread for as long as folks want to that tracks their group, so yes we will all have the same age babies.
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Welcome! This is a great group of people. 

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