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P1080990.jpga special pic I did just for daddy lol P1090057.jpg


205201_10150157870206400_709041399_7238575_2626232_n.jpg208003_10150156637326400_709041399_7229394_6768111_n.jpg215735_10150157731611400_709041399_7237022_7076971_n.jpg216046_10150157870006400_709041399_7238573_2605930_n.jpgthis is a few years old... he's allergic to spiders, this is when we found that out

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just born

first vacation in rural jamaica, 1 yosleeping with daddywith papasingingandslinging.JPGsnackbythesea.JPG


I have loved looking at all your pics.  Thanks for sharing!  Beautiful families, beautiful life.

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Lake Ella, TallahasseeIMG_8547.jpgIMG_8589.jpg100_0015.JPG

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Daddy and Conner


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Bumping this up to keep it on page one. :)

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can i just share real quick? I posted some pics to this thread a while back and when I logged on to the site today...voila! saw one of my pics for the homeschooling discussion. teehee. sorry just a proud mama :)

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Beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing!

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I also - wanted to share - Posted some pics awhile ago & popped on here to see a picture of my oldest on a discussion on "coloring in the lines" - Also a proud Mama!  :)

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. smile.gif

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One more...lol

In labor with ds, dp's first  Had a WONDERFUL and calm natural hospital birth =)


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I was also so excited to see a pic of DD on the front page for cloth diapering! joy.gif

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