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At what point to I consider Infertility?

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My ds is 19 months old and still no sign of AF.  I know women go longer than this before their first PPAF but I am starting to get antsy.  We would love to conceive again soon.  I have always had wonky cycles, sometimes a couple months between periods, sometimes AF would last for 10 days and sometimes 2, etc.  Even when I was on the pill for a year or so my cycles never really got a rhythm.  I am overweight, so that may have something to do with it also.

DS is still nursing.  We have been slowly nightweaning, and I usually get a 6 or 7 hour stretch at night.  We usually nurse at 630 AM, 11 AM, 2PM, 8PM, and 3AM.


So my question is this: at what point should I start considering other factors in my lack to have a cycle?  Is it possible that I won't get a cycle back until we completely wean?  Can nightweaning for a longer stretch help? 



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i wouldn't worry about it.  i went 22 months with dd1, i have a friend that went 3 years before she got AF back (bfing was the cause).  

i think it is more common to get it back earlier nowadays, but i wouldn't be worried at this point.

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I agree... 19 months is entirely normal. I've known several women who didn't get theirs back until their children weaned at 3+ years. Often nightweaning does the trick, so you may see changes soon.  And as your ds continues to reduce nursing sessions, I would expect more things to start happening.  Do you have any signs of returning fertility? Increased CF?  I always start charting as soon as I start getting EW CF so I can see if I'm ovulating, how long my LP is, when to expect AF, etc. 

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Well, you ladies were right and I was worrying for nothing.  Literally a few days after ds started going 11-12 hours without nursing at night I started getting fertility signs and just had my first PPAF!


My cycles have been wonky my whole life and I was just getting anxious and jumping to worst case scenarios. (:


Now to get back in the habit of charting after 2 and a half years so we can TTC!

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