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Hypno Birthing vs. Hypno Babies

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So, I've taken a HypnoBirthing class and am enjoying the practice CDs.  I have, however, heard recently that Hypno Babies is more helpful during the actual birthing process.  This is my first baby and I am 32 weeks pregnant.  Does anyone have an opinion on this?  And also, does anyone have the Hypno Babies "stuff" (book, CDs) that they would be willing to give/lend/sell?  Thanks so much!!

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Hi Ceili bird,


I don't know much about this hypno stuff people are talking about but I caught your post because I am interesting in finding out more about it. Can you explain the difference between hypno birthing and hypno babies? What is on the CDs? What do they cover in the classes?




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My first daughter was a Hypnibirthing, my second was Hypnobabies.  Hypnobabies was much more detailed and in depth.  It was an easier and MUCH more comfortable birth.  Hypnobirthing teaches you deep relaxation.  Hypnobabies teaches you that PLUS Hypno-Anesthesia (think dental patients who don't use pain meds)  I sailed through transformation (what Hypnobabies calls transition) easily and comfortably. When we got to the hospital, my nurse laughed and told me I'd be heading home to wait for things to move along.  I was 9cm, and then I was laughing. 

There are lots of great stories on the Hypnobabies blog, and if you search for Enjoy Birth on YouTube, you'll find some amazing videos! :)

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