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Sandals/sneaker sandals to fit over orthotics?

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My daughter (2 1/2) wears SMO orthotics, and with the summer coming up, I want to get her something breathable. Most of these types of shoes that I've seen don't have a removable liner, which would help with the fit. Does anyone have experience and  have a specific shoe to recommend?

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Subbing because I'm clueless about what type of shoe DS will fit into as well.

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 My DD wears AFO's (DAFO 3.5) and we use New Balance runners and for sandals, we are using crocs b/c they are wide enough to fit the AFOs.


Now there are some suggestions from the DAFO site:


Answer 2


Keeping Pace


Stride right



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We had great luck getting http://www.striderite.com/store/SiteController/striderite/productdetails?catId=cat1530402SR&productId=8-100834&skuId=***8********4115531*W090&stockNumber=4115531&showDefaultOption=true

this sandle from stride rite to work with ds1's SMO's.  We bought this style until they didn't make it in his size anymore.   For tennis shoes, I found skechers worked best.

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New Balence, about 1.5 sizes bigger in wide worked great for us.

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I wonder if Keens would work? (newport style)


New Balance also actually has a "sneaker style" waterproof "sandal" that may work.



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Thanks for the replies. I checked out some of the brands. Keens, especially newport style, aren't the best choice because they don't look like they open wide. I couldn't tell if there is a removable liner. My daughter's PT doesn't like the giant rubber toe in front. She says it's like an obstacle for unsteady walkers.


Queencarr, I took a look at your link. The sandals are cute, but I'm trying to imagine how they fit over SMOs. It looks like it would be hard... no removable liner to make more room, and they don't open wide.



In the end I remembered that a friend used to have sandal sneaker for her son last year, and she told me she got them at Target. I took a look online and found these.

They only have them in girl styles, but luckily that's what I needed anyway. :)




I just received them and they slide onto the orthotics like butter! They have a removable liner, and the two straps on the top make for a large opening. The back has a slit for ventilation, but isn't totally open (it has a "threshhold" up from the sole.)


Hope this helps someone!

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Hmm, i never found a sandal that fit the orthotics for my dd. We just looked for the chunkier sneakers and tried the orthotics in them at the store.
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Look for something like this: http://www.striderite.com/store/SiteController/striderite/productdetails?catId=cat1530401SR&productId=8-126095&skuId=***8********CG38101*W110&stockNumber=CG38101&showDefaultOption=true



Or this: http://www.striderite.com/store/SiteController/striderite/productdetails?catId=cat1530401SR&productId=8-125495&skuId=***8********CG37994*M090&stockNumber=CG37994&showDefaultOption=true



You might have to them to a shoe cobbler to make additional adjustments. We have gone round and round trying to find sandals to go over Gabrielle's braces. Sandals are much harder to find than tennis shoes. Don't get me started on dress shoes. Those are impossible.

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You can also look for water sandals similar to this:




They are neoprene and stretch.  The problem we had though with the ankle strap is, Gabrielle has a hinged AFO on her right foot.  The hinge causes the ankle strap to pop off.  Her KAFO on her left leg isn't a problem.



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Can I ask a somewhat stupid question?  This will be our first full summer with orthotics - when you use them with sandals, do you still put socks on your child?  Or do they wear them with bare feet?  DS has only worn sneakers with his, so we have always used socks.  But now that the warmer weather is here, I've been wondering :)

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Gabrielle always wears socks. She has no feeling below the knee on her left leg. To prevent injury to her skin, she always wears a sock with her braces.
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we were told that its dangerous to wear AFOs without socks. even with sandals, my son wears socks at al times.

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You can ask the manufauctor to add in extra air holes on the AFOs themselves too if they get really hot over the summer.





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Hi, We have always cut the toe out of the knee high socks. This way they feel like they have a true sandal on and their little toes get to feel the summer breeze. Also, Croc's ( www.crocs.com ) are great for summer time and fit right over afo's. Hope this helps you to enjoy the summer weather.

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