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Chronic UTIs and chronic constipation

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This is not about my child, but about the one of an acquaintance. Her DD will be 3 in May, and has been dealing with chronic constipation and UTIs for months now. This child has been tested for celiac, thyroid issues, structural abnormalities of the colon, motility, other bloodtests (Though I am not sure for what) and now an ultrasound on her kidneys. So far EVERY test has come back clean or negative.


I've pointed the mother in the direction of food intolerances (as opposed to allergies), but has resisted elimination diets thus far. I feel that is the path to go on.  The child is on probiotics, too. Is there anything else that could help?

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Have her ask her dr about checking for Hypercalciuria. Too much calcium intake leads the body to excrete the excess through urine. With this condition it causes bladder spasms, cloudy urine. With more calcium intake it can trigger recurring UTI's and lead to kidney stones.

It's tricky to diagnose as you need a urine sample when there is calcium being dumped in it (cloudy is a good indicator) The test has to specify calcium testing as most labs do not do this routinely.


My son has this, this is how I know. If we weren't managing the amount of calcium he ingested at a time (and how much it is diluted) he would have recurring UTI's - as it took 1/4 cup of milk to trigger his first UTI (then I made the connection and saw a ped urologist)


It's worth asking about, I hope she figures it out soon.

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I agree about food intolerances. Same thing happened with a friend of mine. They went off dairy and gluten, and the constipation and the UTIs went away. And no miralax. The constipation is most likely causing the UTIs, so you have to fix them both.

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