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I have managed to keep everything I have decluttered in my shed. I have spring break this week and my kids have it next week. This week is spring clean extravaganza. next week is yard sale time. I have found so much more crap to get rid of. It's awesome....even my DH is actually going through his stuff.  And it's stuff he said he would never get rid of. My DS wants to sale some more of his toys and other items he doesn't use anymore. It's fantastic!!! I now have furniture, electronics, toys, shoes, clothing, books, kitchen items, pet items, a car, bikes, outside toys, home improvement items, dvd's, misc small items, craft items. And I am not done going through stuff. I am on a roll!!!


I need some ideas how to organize this thing and soem ideas to get people to actually come since I live in a rinky dinky little town.