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Introducing myself...

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My name in Nichole and I am a mom of two...Lil Jimmy is 33 months and JoJo is 20 months.  I am due July 2nd with twin boys. Both of my kids are still in diapers full-time...potty learning is going okay but I seriously doubt we will be out of diapers by the time the twins come along.  So that means 4 kids in diapers full-time...Sometimes I am like oh well what is changing two more...but other times I am like wow that is sure a lot of diapers in a day...week...month....


Most of the time I am really positive about having twins but other times I start thinking of the challenages we will face...how to maintain our parenting style and staying try to who we are as parents while raising 4 small kids?  All the advice I get from other multiples/twin message boards and places do not fit with how I ever wanted to parent my children...schedules,CIO and the like. 


I hope I can get some advice some you guys in the future.



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Hi! Welcome!
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Try not to worry too much.  Some things will be hard with so many small children, but if you take time to breath and notice what is actually going on, you will be able to make decisions that fit your family and work for you.



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Welcome!  I came here for the same reason..many other multiples support groups tend away from the way I want to raise my children.  So far, I've found that some things are definitely different with twins - but I think with an understanding that having two babies at once is going to be different than having one, and flexibility in mind, you can still be committed to the parenting style you choose.

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