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Raw skin in leg creases! Help!

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As I was doing a quick wet rag wash on Julia I noticed that her skin is raw and oozing a little in the leg creases that are closest to her abdomen. I only noticed when I pulled her chubby rolls apart to clean in there. Anyone else have this problem? What is the cause and how do I prevent it from happening again? We do lots of open air time during the day. Thanks!

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I had this happen with my little chunky dumpling baby. (Ah, I miss those rolls!) It's just irritated skin caused by trapped moisture etc. I put vaseline on the affected areas until they healed, and then tried to be sure to wash and dry those rolly areas carefully.

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I just cleaned them gently and now I'm letting her have some open air time. We use coconut oil for diaper rash, so I'm guessing that I should put that in the creases, too. Thanks! It freaked me out, I felt so bad because they must be sore!

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I agree w/ PP poster - happens when moisture gets trapped by the darling skin folds. In addition to washing and drying them carefully, I used Desitin (diaper rash cream) in the folds to help.

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All three of my chubbers had this problem.


Clean with a mild mild soap and dry well. Apply cornstarch to all the creases.

Make sure to keep these areas dry.


I don't use desitin unless it is an emergency.



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We had the exact same problem with our wonderfully fat EBF baby.  We used cornstarch, which worked really well.  At the beginning, when it was really bad, I would dry the skin well after his bath with a hair drier (this may've been overkill, but it made me feel better & he seemed to like the warm air).  Important to watch neck creases/folds for  accumulated spit-up and to gentle wash it out with a rag and warm water.  Good luck!

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caedenmomma, I thought I was the only one who did the hair dryer thing! I second the idea of cornstarch although vaseline or lanolin works too.

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