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There seem to be a few of us in the June thread doing Hypnobabies (and a few more considering it). I thought we should have a thread!

I'm having a hard time staying awake during the cds... I work 40-50 hours per week outside of the home, so by the time I get home, fix dinner, clean house, talk to friends/family on the phone, its 10pm and I'm exhausted! So, I put on the cd, and often fall asleep before I get through the relaxation. To make up for it, I'm doing the whole course twice - I started at 23 weeks the first time. Then after finishing it, I decided to start again at 30 weeks. Think this will work?
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I'm still waiting on my hypnobabies stuff to get here. I've been stalking the mailman for the last couple of days.
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A recent client of mine used hypnobabies and she liked it pretty well. She also said falling asleep during the cd sessions was a problem the entire time. But during her pitocin induction we all went to sleep for a while, and it was one of the nicest labors I have attended. The energy stayed very, very good and she was able to manage without any anesthesia or analgesia even though that is very difficult with pitocin. So it certainly worked well for her. The nurses were amazed.

A midwife I know, however, complained that a client of hers got so hung up on her hypnobirthing stuff she refused to empty her bladder without checking with her instructor- to make sure it was ok with the hypnobirthing. : Takes all kinds!
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This is my 2nd baby using Marie Mongan's HypnoBirthing. I'll start listening to the tapes again May 1st. I may or may not take a refresher class... we'll see.

I succeeded the first time with an 18 hour painfree hospital labor.
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I'm using hypnobabies this time around too! I used Hypnobirthing w/ my second but felt I needed at least a refresher and it wasn't availible here.

Kerry says that falling asleep is fine because your unconscious mind is still hearing everything on the tapes.

I started the course around 23 weeks but I've been slowly moving through it and taking at least 2 weeks for each session.
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I have a friend who teaches hypnobirthing and is going to let dh and I take the class. I am very interested in it. We took Bradley classes with Emma, but I ended up having a c-section (she was footling breech when my water broke!).
Hopefully we will start classes next Saturday!
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too late

Hi, I was really interested in hypnobirthing but I have managed to miss all the scheduled classes with the local teacher... I was wondering, if I order HypnoBabies home study now, would that be a total waste of money? How fast are they shipped out? I am 33 weeks. :
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She ships really quick. I ordered on a Monday recieved it on a friday. The course is 6 weeks long. The last week is review and practice that you continue until your birth.
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Just thought I'd check in with the other hypno-mommies here! Is everyone still going through classes/cds?

I'm on the Hypnobabies maintenance schedule now, though I don't stick to it exactly. I tend to alternate the Hypnosis #1 and #2 with the deepening and throw in the Birth Guide whenever I start having regular surges. I've also listened to the Fear Release a couple of times - especially before going to weekly appointments, it helps me completley calm myself. I listen to either the Pregnancy or Birth Affirmations (depending on surges/how I'm feeling/etc) whenever I take a bath or shower.

When my parents were visiting this week, they were amazed to see me suddenly "go into a trance" when I would do a cd. My dad has severe hyptertension and white-coat-syndrome, and he's interested in looking into hypnosis to help control that now!
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Hi Queen of Cups! Thanks for posting! I'm 33 weeks too.

I have started listening to the HypnoBirthing Rainbow Relaxation & Birthing Affirmation CDs again a few weeks ago... but I find myself getting nervous!!! What if it won't work this time?!?!?!

Part of me feels it will and part of me feels it won't! (I do the tapes before bed, and force myself to stay awake to listen - and BOY do I sleep WAY better when I do! I really feel relaxed.)

So I'm debating taking a refresher class (can't hurt).

I was looking at the Hypnobabies supplemental material yesterday online, but couldn't find detailed info. Could you please describe the tapes you are using. Did you order the Study at home pack (more expensive) or other materials?
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Tanya- HEre's a link to the supplemental set from hypnobabies.

Also if you don't want to spend the money you can join Kerry's birth hypnosis support group and when you do you can get all the scripts from there and record them yourself.
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I got the Home Study Set from Hypnobabies - and it was worth every penny! DH and I looked at the crunchy birthing classes around here and they ran at least $180, but the home course with shipping and everything was under $150. And I'll have all the materials for the next babies!
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I just ordered some SUPPLEMENTAL TAPES ($12 each):

- Peaceful Sleep Now
- After Your Baby Comes
- Affirmations Pg & Birth
- Visualize Your Hypnobirth

I'm just curious... for those who have the Study at Home Course (I was debating getting the $70 course) which tape is your favorite???

which tape do you listen to the most and enjoy?

I'm interested in only the Painless Childbirth tape by Gerald Klein, but don't want to spend $70 for the whole HB Supplemental kit. Oh well.

I downloaded the word file to tape.... but whose is going to tape it for me???? DH won't (fine) a friend? Do you think my own voice would be OK???? The benefit of ME doing it is that *I* know how to read it and what words to emphasize, but I dislike the sound of my voice.

Any advice?
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Queen of cups- I'm a Hypnobabies instructor and I can say that you're way ahead of the game having done the course twice! It is fine if you're not remembering the script/falling asleep to it. Your subconscious is always listening and you WILL absorb the things that you need to hear.

If you always fall asleep to the CD, I would try and listen to it sometime while you're awake, say, doing housework or something, just not driving! Then you will more consciously know what you're listening to.

Before I became a Hypnobabies instructor, I used the home study course for my last birth, but I got the materials the day before my water broke (at 30weeks). I was on hospital bedrest for 2 weeks before I had my son and I listened to the CDs every day, but I fell asleep every time. It still worked like a charm! His birth was such a great, painless experience that I just KNEW I had to become an intructor so I could help other moms birth like this. I guess I'm telling you this so that you'll KNOW that it will still work for you and that you'll have a GREAT birth!

Just keep listening to your CDs, even if you're not remembering them. Have a wonderful birth!!:
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hypno and bradley?

Can you do more than one?? For instance can you combine hypnobabies and the bradley method? I am on my 3rd vbac and desperatly need do not want a cs again. So I was thinking of trying to cover all my bases instead of just go with one thing.
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Originally Posted by charis4 View Post
Queen of cups-


Just keep listening to your CDs, even if you're not remembering them. Have a wonderful birth!!:
Thank you for the encouragement! However, this is a pretty old thread - my pregnancy happily produced a healthy baby more than 2.5 years ago. I did have a wonderful birth - 2 hours and 15 minutes from the time I woke up suspecting I was in labor till I delivered my daughter. No pain medication, only about 15-20 minutes of pushing, and we came home from the hospital 10 hours after the birth.
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Ha, ha. Oops! I just searched for Hypnobabies to see what people were saying about it and I didn't even think to look at the date! congrats on your great birth, even if it was 2.3 years ago.

mom2thhts- Taking Hypnobabies and another cbe course at the same time or even with the same pg is completely NOT recommended. For ex: Bradley spends their time teaching you how to deal with pain, Hypnbabies teaches you how to not have pain. You really can't have both belief systems going at the same time, the hypnosis methods just won't work if you're simultaneously planning on experiencing pain. good luck!
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