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igG test results - Are these of any use?

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I have suspected dh, dd and I might each have some issue with food intolerance or allergy. However, we have had more urgent matters to look into, so I have not done much about these suspicions. The other day I was in a health food store and they had some Food Detective kits on sale, so I bought a kit for dh and myself. 


Having googled these tests, I found out that they measure igG, only, so some people were complaining that they don't measure the right thing (igE). Do these results actually tell us anything worthwhile?


According to this test, dh and both have a problem with dairy and eggs. That was about it for dh, allthough his wheat and rye also had some color. I also have problems with three different nuts as well as soybean. First of all, I am already gluten free, so I guess that would not show on the test even if I had issues. However, I never had soy, so I don't get how the test could then show that...


Should I take these results seriously at all? It would be HUGE for me not to have milk and eggs, as I am already totally grain free and low carb due to blood sugar and other issues. Yet, the test must have really reacted to something.... It would take quite a bit to convince dh to stop having dairy and eggs (and as he also feels better low carb, this would be difficult financially), so I need to know if I should do that. Also, I have eggs every morning, as it keeps me going for hours and makes me feel, I really think, good. I really don't want to stop having these due to taking a false test seriously. If I truly do have a problem, however, I will stop having them.


I would appreciate any thoughts.

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They are not the most reliable tests, but they have definitely helped us.  So far for us I have had more false negatives than positives.  I would say just try taking them out for a week and see how you feel!  You will know if they are bothering you.

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