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Long vs. Short Torso

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So much talk about being huge or not being huge enough has me thinking....


My torso is so short...the distance between the top of my hips and my bottom rib cannot be more than about an inch and a half, maybe two inches if I stand up tall.  I tend to show fast and look really big...and people look at me the whole pregnancy and say things like, "WOW, not long to go NOW"...and then I tell them I still have x amount of weeks left and their eyes bug out of their head and they think I'm crazy.  If it is someone I have a relationship with, mom, sister, close friend...I tell them that there really is no room for the baby or my organs in my short torso...show them where the top of my hip is an my bottom rib and they are all, "Ooohhh, that's makes sense!"  But man, it is tiring.  


I'm assuming that people who are being told they are small and where could the baby be have longer torsos and more room between the top of their hip and the bottom rib so they have some room to expand internally before things start to pop out...does this ring true for those of you who "pop" later in the pregnancy?? 


I also feel like with each subsequent pregnancy I get bigger faster and show sooner...I think just because my stomach muscles aren't as tight as they were in that first pregnancy.  So first pregnancy I popped out around 16 weeks, 2nd one around 14 weeks, then 12 weeks then 10 weeks with this one...


Ok, that's all my rambling for today :) 


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I too have a short torso.  I get the "any day now!" from about 20 weeks on.  Plus, this being my fifth baby, my body already knows what's up and moves everything around nice and early. 

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This is my first baby and I, too, have a short torso.  I didn't "pop" until about 19-20 weeks, and even though I am measuring right on for my dates, my belly is very conspicuous!  People eye me with this look like, "Wow, I hope she doesn't go into labor right here in the grocery store."  I'm only 23+4 weeks!

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I always seem to have the opposite problem. I am told how small I am until I am about 30 weeks and then I seem to look just as gigantic as everyone else does! ROTFLMAO.gif



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This is my first baby, and I don't look obviously pregnant yet at 23 weeks. I am hourglass-shaped and average height, and my baby is still lying transverse, so I just look like I'm gaining weight in my hips and thighs. People who don't know what I looked like before don't recognize that I'm pregnant, and I personally think I just look fat. But I think once my baby turns vertical, I'll have the rounded pregnant belly immediately. My torso is not very long for my height, so I think it will really pop then.

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This is also my 1st pregnancy and I don't really think of myself as a long torso gal but it seems I have quite a bit of space between the top of my hip and my bottom rib.  I'm 21 weeks and don't think I truly look pg yet.  If you didn't know I was expecting you would think that I've just put on weight.

I tend to gain most of my weight regardless of pg or not in my hips, thighs and waist area and definitely show weight gain in my face (which I hate!).


I have no idea where this babe is hiding.  He measured 14oz at 20 weeks which is on the "high side of normal" I guess. 


We'll just have to wait and see when he finally decides to really show himself in my belly. 

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I didn't look pregnant with my first until I was around 25 weeks I think.  Man, those were the days!  Enjoy it while you can, ladies! 

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I'm 5'3" and very short waisted. I've been showing for several weeks now (I'm 23+ weeks) and now I'm huge. I've started to waddle. redface.gif I think there isn't room for the baby to grow in any direction but out. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by ArcticRose View Post

I'm 5'3" and very short waisted. I've been showing for several weeks now (I'm 23+ weeks) and now I'm huge. I've started to waddle. redface.gif I think there isn't room for the baby to grow in any direction but out. smile.gif

I too am 23 weeks and 5'3".... I wouldn't say I'm huge, but I'm definitely preggo!  I do feel like I'm waddling sometimes too  :-)  Where WILL this baby grow?  I guess out!!!

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I too am 23 weeks and 5'3".... I wouldn't say I'm huge, but I'm definitely preggo! I do feel like I'm waddling sometimes too :-) Where WILL this baby grow? I guess out!!!

I was getting a good bulge going before this week, but the last few days, my belly has jumped right out there and now proceeds me wherever I go. smile.gif DH made a comment about how shallow my bellybutton is now, lol.

Time to get some big belly pants!
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I'm 5'2" and 23ish weeks too. I feel HUGE! Alot of it has to do with my short stature but my MW also alerted me to the fact that my core is pretty weak (and a 4 finger gap in between my abdominal muscles)...and that's despite me exercising pretty often since my last pregnancy and maintaining a good weight. blush.gif


I honestly feel 7 months but i'm only 5. I don't know where baby can go, but imagine i'll have a pretty big belly in the end. I get mixed reactions from people, some people saying "I didn't even know you were pregnant, you're all belly!" and then my sis said "is your baby just going to be really really big?". :p


I'm hoping this last few months speed on by!

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I am 5'7", but long-legs mean I have a short torso. I think bump-size has a lot to do with other factors, too. With my son, I didn't show at all for a long time and even at 39 weeks I only measured at 34 or 35. I attribute it to my body just holding him in super tight, and my lungs felt it! He was also only about 6 pounds and hyperemesis kept me from gaining much at all. I think it's also sort of an optical illusion, because the same sized bump will look smaller on a taller person anyway, usually.
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I'm 5'8" and have legs about 4' long ;) I swear babies settle in my ribcage. I can't breath/eat from about 16-20w on. THEN it feels like they move into a belly, instead if just making me wide and I feel a little better, in time to get huge.

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