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Summertime UCers, let's take a roll call/ have a chat thread!

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I thought it would be nice to maybe do a seasonal roll call for us so we can keep track of our mamas. I know there are some 'newer' mamas here on MDC and it would be nice to get to know everyone! I think there is a spring roster already, and maybe one of the fall mamas wants to start one?

I am tracymom1, due on June 26th with #3. This will be my 2nd homebirth and 1st UC. After starting care with a CNM this time around, DH and I decided that was not the best route for us and we ended care with her about 6 weeks ago. I am really enjoying taking care of this pregnancy on my own - I feel so empowered and knowledgeable about everything that is happening to my body! joy.gif I love being in control of my situation and not having to fight to my way out of every single prenatal test. And mostly, I love not having to worry about any unnecessary interventions during labor!!

Who else is out there?!
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My name is Yolanda. I love the Lord!!I am pregnant with my sixth child. I have 4 boys and 1 girl. #6 due July 3rd and yes, its a girl (found out via mail-in-blood test, supposed to be 92% accurate or money back grauntee)! daughter because the midwife got scared when the placenta didn't come out within 30mins, so she called 911 and when the came the kinda took over & she didn't even come to hospital. First two were born in the hospital w/epi. My three youngest were born at home with midwife. I am super excited about doing an UP & UC. Thus far, this has been a wonderful learning experience for me and I thank you ladies for the wealth of information you've provided me with. I look forward to completing this journey with you.

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Hello mamas! I'm Annabelle. I am expecting our 11th child in June. This will be my 9th HB, 8th UC, and it is my 7th UP. I am getting excited!

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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am pregnant for the first time! I'm due in late September. I'm on medicaid so I am getting prenatal care from my family doctor. We are pretending to her that I'm going to the hospital, but we are going to stay home. My friend who also UCed on her first birth might show up as well. I am excited but it is so far away for me that it doesn't seem real yet.
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I'm Jenny and I'm due with our 3rd September 1st, I'm kind of expecting late August though.
My first two were born at home with a cpm, but I'd like a little more privacy and to feel less managed this time:)
I am UP-ing as well:)
I also find it empowering and exciting to do my own prenatal care!
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Hi! I'm Cheryl, due in early July with my second baby.  I am planning a uc again this time although I did not actually have one with my first.  I am seeing some cnms for prenatal care, same ones as last time, because my dh is not on board with a uc.  This was my problem last time, I could not convince him of a uc and once I went into labor I decided I would rather him be there.  Honestly I had a lot of fear and uncertainty going into it on what I should really do and it being my first I was not really sure what to expect from labor and birth and I just could not quite get my head around it.  The birth went well until I let the mw break my water, then we started getting hr decels so I had to lay down and ended up purple-pushing for 2 hours, threatened with forceps and c-section but I did push him out finally.  I don't know what I was thinking letting her break my water because i had said over and over I was not going to do that but anyway.     


This time around I am feeling really peaceful about giving birth at home.  I keep seeing my self in the bathroom on a pile of towels, baby sliding out easily.  I AM going to plan it out quite bit better and get serious about it.  Last time during my pregnancy I just kinda thought and hoped on it and hoped everything would work out the way I wanted it to.  So I am really going to do it this time, going into everything with a positive frame of mind and trying to open up more.  I don't think my dh will every be really on the same page with me about this but I think I will at least be able to educate him enough so that he doesn't freak out.  


So this will be good to have a little support thread going for those of us due around the same time (Tracy aren't you in the July 2011 ddc?  I haven't been there in ages but ski season (work) is finally winding down so I am hoping to jump back in soon).  Nice to see some experienced mamas as well as first-timers!     

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My name is Tara and we are expecting our 5th baby at the end of June.  This will be our 3rd UC, 2nd planned and UP, and 4th at home.  My UC birth stories are on the list somewhere (07 and 09).  Love to see the first timers, wish I knew then what I know now.  Annabelle, I think we will look to you for experienced advice. ;) 

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Hey I'm mamagrits!  I'm not on much but a friend who has UC'd several times led me here when I told her our plans to UC.  I haven't posted much but I've read a whole bunch!  (Especially the birth story thread!)  So ya'll don't follow my example & keep posting!  ;)


I'm due July 10th w/ #4 (who will be my 4th in less than 5yrs).  My 1st (DD) was a traditional intervention happy epidural vaginal birth AKA not a great experience!  My 2nd (DS) I hired a doula & was going for a med free hospital birth but loooong story, ended up w/ a c-section under general.  I was very grateful for that c/s, it was definitely one of the few "real" needed ones.  My 3rd (DD) I stayed w/ my awesome doula & finally got my med free hospital VBAC.  It was the best experience so far, but it still wasn't everything I wanted, the midwife still did several things w/o my consent that were explicitly against my birth plan, which as most of us know completely gets ignored even when you've gotten "full support" of it before labor.


I'm still seeing this same group of midwives I saw last birth b/c well, it's free b/c I have Medicaid & I also want a Mirena @ my 6wks PP checkup!!!  I hope they'll overlook that I don't show up @ the hospital to give birth & at least wait to kick me outta the practice until after that IUD is in place!  (I've already been kicked outta an OB when I was 36wks preggo w/ #2 b/c my birth plan was way too crunchy for them).  Well, I've been GBS+ twice before & if I am + again I will birth in the hospital.  The risk just isn't worth it to me.  I'm definitely not as crunchy as many of you, as I also do vaccinate (well, most of em) & I'm huge on the importance of the newborn screen.  Our #3 has CF that was caught early by it & this one has a 25% chance of having it, too, as did our first two but we didn't know we were carriers.  I support breastfeeding (made it 17mos w/ #3, much better than the 9mos & 2mos I did w/ my others!) but I also know that formula isn't rat poison & look kindly on those who use it as I did with #2 (remember that long story?  yeah...). 


I haven't told hardly anyone our UC plans b/c they'd think we're nuts (in fact I'm sure our family would call 911 or CPS or something).  In fact just a few years ago I thought natural childbirth was nuts, especially home births.  And then I warmed up to home birth but thought UC was still crazy.  And here were are now, the second we confirmed we were pregnant again there was no doubt in my or DH's mind that we were going to UC this time!  My how a little time & a lotta reading can change things.  ;)


So that's me in a nutshell!

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Hi! My name is Stormy and I'm due mid August with my first.

We started out the pregnancy with a midwife and I really liked her, but I just could never picture her at the birth. I also wasn't enjoying pregnancy very much b/c I was super concerned with doing everything "right" and if I slipped up and missed a vitamin or didn't eat 80 grams of protein a day, etc I would get super stressed out. I did some research on UP/UC and talked with my DF and he agreed to it! Since choosing to go UP and UC I''m enjoying things soooo much more. I still try to do things as I should, but I don't beat myself up if I happen to have a day where I miss my iron or vitamin or don't get exercise, since the only person I have to check in with now is myself!

I've been doing research online and reading through several forums, but I still have A LOT of reading and learning to do. I ordered Hearts and Hands off Amazon and can't wait til it gets her so I can start reading it.
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What is considered summer?

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Hey ladies! My name is Claire and I'm due with my second on June 21st and this has been a UP/UC since the get go. I am really, really excited about having a summer babe as my DS was born in the winter and that was pretty rough. Oh, and DS was born at home, so this will be my second home birth :-)

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Originally Posted by jerusha070707 View Post

What is considered summer?

I think we're pretty flexible! May-September-ish?
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Well I will be pregnant this summer...not expecting till november tho :)  

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Claire, I totally agree... my son was a winter babe and I just could not get myself motivated to get outside and take a walk on those icy streets!  So I too am ecstatic about getting a summer baby this time around.


I was having some wonderful visualizations of my birth last night (couldn't sleep as usual) - in the bathroom on the pile of towels (this is the usual one), in the tub, by the bed.  Just so peaceful and nice.  


I am also using a great book this time called "25 ways to awaken your birth power". I had it during my last pregnancy but I never really used it because I got it in the birthing class we took only a week or two before Jackson arrived.  It has meditations and pictures and a cd.  I am really digging it.   


So I have a big question - how large of a bowl do you need for the placenta?  I probably need to get one just for that because my sweet dh is pretty squeamish about cleaning up things like that and re-using.  I mean the guy won't do cloth diapers/reusable wipes because he thinks its gross so I imagine a bowl with bloody mess in it is not going to fly either.  I am sure any soiled towels will go straight into the trash unless I put them in the washer.  Anyway, I am just not sure what size you need.  I did not see the placenta from Jackson's birth, I was just too exhausted to care so I have no idea!


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Originally Posted by firecat View Post

So I have a big question - how large of a bowl do you need for the placenta?  

An ice cream pail would work, and they are free if you eat ice cream or know someone who does :)


I'm planning a summer UC, probably late June.  It'll be our second UP/UC. 

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I guess i'll join in on the summer fun. I'm due mid May with my 3rd. My last pregnancy I was planning a UC but due to complications and it being twins it didn't work out. So this is my second attempt at a UC. I'm finishing up ordering the rest of my supplies this week and i'm very excited to be completely ready.

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Hi all,

I'm due May 9.... it's my first and though we've been doing OB care (we have great insurance) we're definitely leaving the UC option on the table.  Basically I want to be totally prepared to be so relaxed that we're not quite sure how far along we are, and there he comes!  Any slowness or intuition will probably send us up to the nice birthing center but I'm very much hoping that my darling LO comes to me in my kiddie pool on the deck with a nice view of the mountains.


Thankful for this forum!!!  Good luck to all, stay healthy and happy!

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Due early May. So, I guess I qualify. :) I'm definitely excited to have my first warm weather newbie. I think it'll be a lot easier on me mentally being able to get out of the house with my kiddos and take a walk etc. 


Planned a UC with my second that didn't turn out due to my living situation, but looking forward to this time around. I'm feeling confident things should be fine and I'll finally get a good birth to look back on. 

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Originally Posted by dayiscoming2006 View Post

Due early May. So, I guess I qualify. :) I'm definitely excited to have my first warm weather newbie. I think it'll be a lot easier on me mentally being able to get out of the house with my kiddos and take a walk etc. 



I loved having a summer baby last time! We went on walks every day, got lots of fresh air and it was just so much easier getting around without the mess of winter and having to bundle up. If we go for #4 at some point, I am going to do my best to plan another summer LO!

So how is everyone feeling? How many of us are UPing as well as UCing?
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I'm due late May. wave.gifSecond homebirth, first UC. While it will be nice to have a summer baby this time, I've found it hard to get in all the walking I would like to do over the winter. I just can't make myself go out and do it at -25 plus windchill.cold.gif Makes me nervous since I'm less active this pregnancy than with the last.

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