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Ok now I need boy name help....

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The girl name was SUPER easy, but I'm not gonna lie, I feel like this babe might be a boy.  Our boy names are complicated because they're stipulations.  My husband's middle name is August and it's an old family name, so if the baby is born in July (like I hope it is) then we're naming him August.  But if he's born in August, I don't think I want to name him August. 


I have ALWAYS loved the name Otis, but everyone I tell that to looks at me like I have 5 heads.  My husband didn't love it, but he started liking it because we came up with a neato middle name - Otis Beck (our last name is Millinghausen).  Is this weird??  Honestly.  Is it too much of a dog name?  I tried googling it and people seem to hate the name Otis.  We have some other names too, but I guess I'm just trying to get reactions to Otis.    Any thoughts/suggestions would be helpful!!

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I think Otis Beck is a cool name--definitely unique! I have a unique name myself and have always loved it.

I don't think Otis is a dog name, definitely no more than Max or Sam and people give kids those names all the time. The only dog connotation I can think of is Odie from Garfield. Otis makes me think of Otis Redding, which if you ask me, is a great positive connection to have!

There are always going to be people who hate the name you choose no matter what. I say if you really love it, and it suits him, go for it! Names have a way of growing on people after the fact anyway.
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I'm finding that less is more.  The less you share with others the better off it all is.  We have decided not to share our name choices with anyone until birth. 


JMO.  People are going to have an opinion no matter what you decide to name your baby. 

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Also FWIW I love the name Otis.

I'm a dog groomer and very rarely run across the name Otis for a dog. 

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Otis is NMS, but if you like it, you should go for it. How about Beckett as an alternative? I heard that name a short while ago (a friend used it) and I had never known a Beckett before.

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I know 3 Becketts who are under 1 year old. I think it's becoming common FWIW.


I love the name Otis. We always talk about using it, but our last name is Lewis and 2 "is" sounds at the end of both first and last name is a bit too much for me.


What do you think of Omar or Navin. Both names I also love.



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You always will get the weird looks for your name, any name, just from different people! Pick what you like!

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Otis Beck sounds like a rockstar! I think I like it!

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I only vote against Otis because it made our boy list this past Sunday :) I'm at the point where I honestly don't care what other people think, Otis hit me as a cute name because it's my sisters cats name and she was talking to him and I was like "hmmm...that'd be cute for a human"

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I'm not a fan of Otis.  It partially reminds me of Milo and Otis.  I also know an Otis and he's kind of a jerk.  Not like that matters to you though.  lol.  I really love Beck though!  I would go with that name for the first name.  It's awesome!

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I wanted Oliver and had the same reaction (but I am having a girl) so my vote is go with Otis Beck and tell no one until baby is born. Otis Beck is cute and cool! I was told not to name DD Ruby and was told it was too old a name. After she was born everyone said she looked just like a Ruby and the name was so perfect for her. 

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I am loving Otis Beck!  It's the PERFECT name!!  If you guys love it go for it.  And keep it on the DL till the baby's born -- that much I do agree with -- b/c people can be very rude about names.  But once the baby is here and named they (generally) keep their opinions to themselves.


But no, I love it!  Use it!  

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Ok, this makes me feel better and little validated because of the mostly positive reaction.  Some people will have the Milo and Otis reaction, but I guess a lot of names have someTHING they remind them of.  Otis came up for me because I love love love Otis Redding.  And so does my husband.  Thanks everyone, and I definitely think I've learned it's a better idea to keep it between us and not tell anyone our name plans.

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