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Anyone around Bethel, CT?

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Hello, I just moved to Bethel (only from Norwalk) and am looking for some playmates for my almost 2 year old. Would be nice to have some mom friends to do things with too!! My son will be two in April and really needs to find some little people to play with! I am also pregnant with number 2 and due in July. PM me if you would like to chat and maybe set up a play date!

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I live in Westport. I have a 6 month old little girl. I'm looking to connect with moms around here too. Let me know. :)


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HI Chelsea

I see this is an older post - is your baby now like 10 months? I had a baby girl in Oct last year. If you are still looking to connect with some other moms we work in Redding during the week and are close to Bethel. We enjoy doing things outside and Lyla is just starting to enjoy "playing" with other kids. Let me know...

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