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DD is turning 6 in a few weeks and really wants a kitten (or a Midwife Kit--quite the options!).  I have been researching the Midwife Kit option while listening to DD's plaintive requests for a kitten. :)


Well, I don't know if she is wearing me down or if I am starting to really want to make one part of our family.  We have a med-sized dog and planned on adopting a kitty later.  I.e. when we're through the baby stage--for good, when we have a yard, a bigger house, etc. 


My Q's are---what are the options besides a litter box?  How much is involved up-front (& the first year) to get a kitten vacc'd and are there any natural alternatives?  What about spaying? 


Obviously, if we adopted a kitten it would be my responsibility but we would let DD name the kitty for her BD, try to involve her in caring for it, etc.


I have given myself a deadline of Sat night to decide.