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Acupuncture - updated

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Both my chiropractor and midwife suggested I go to acupuncture to help with all these first trimester ailments I have - nausea, constipation, food aversions, etc.  So I made an appointment for next week, and I'm really looking forward to it!


For those who have done this before - have you seen a lot of benefit?  Tell me about your experiences!


My friend goes to the same acupuncturist I'm going to see, and is also pregnant.  She says he feels your pulse and makes a gender prediction for the baby.  So I'm also excited to see what he predicts for me.

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I think I depends on the provider. I went to one and didn't love it...no improvement (not for peg stuff) my mom sees one that she loves and swears by....
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I went for asthma and to try to get pregnant (I have PCOS).  My asthma improved after treatment and I did get pregnant.


I wish it was cheaper!

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Update:  I don't notice any difference or improvement since I went on Tuesday.  In fact, the last few days have been rough.  So I don't plan to go back.


He did predict I am having a girl, based on my pulse feeling stronger in my right wrist compared to my left.

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I started to go to acupuncture in December 2010 to help me get my periods regulated. I had had a MC and my periods were 45 days long and I didn't know if I was ovulating.  (I was charting temp and CM, but my temps were just chaotic.) Within a month of seeing my acupuncturist I noticed my temps even out and become "text book normal".  I got pregnant on that cycle. I kept going to acupuncture to have her "help me keep the baby."  I really believe acupuncture played a major role in the success of this pregnancy. Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and all is good- the baby is moving around and I'm at 12 weeks...feeling great.  I have had nausea and food aversions for most of my first trimester but I can't help but think that the acupuncture has minimized these symptoms (I see her weekly) and helped me be a steady strong body to carry this baby.  I really believe it helped and I would highly recommend it to anybody considering or open to it. 

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