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Cape cod, ma holistic pediatricians???

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Hi I am located near the bridge on cape cod in mass. I am desperate to find a holistic pediatrician with natural remedies. I really need advice on this and am looking for recommendations on a pediatrician who will not push vaccines etc. How on earth do I find someone? I tried googling it but no luck. Any one have advice or suggestions?
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Which bridge?  Bourne or Sagamore?

There is a Naturalpath in Plymouth at exit 5, about 15 minutes from the Sagamore bridge.  Anne McClenon

You could try some of the older threads for South Shore there are a few that have some drs located on the cape.


I posted some links to other South Shore doctor thread on this thread:  http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1302710/another-thread-re-pedi-recommendation-for-no-vax-delayed-vax-in-upper-cape-plymouth-middleborough-areas


I believe a few of them may have posters from Cape Cod.

Hope you find someone.




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Hi Jessica
Thank you dearly for your reply. I should have been more specific. I am from Mashpee, so it is equal distance to either bridge. I mentioned the bridge to indicate which side of the cape I was from. Falmouth, sandwich, hyannis, centerville, marstons mills, and surrounding towns are closest to me. We actually do not have a vehicle so location is important. The public transportation here is limited to the borders of cape cod and does not exceed.

Are you familiar with a pediatrician (no vax) around our area that we might interview? How might we go about finding such a pediatrician if not?
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This thread has some Cape docs- http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1269496/need-new-pedi-cape-cod-se-mass

Keep asking around to different people on MDC- try  messaging the person if you have questions- usually if someone posts info on a doctor they would be happy to be contacted.  I would think that some of the parents from the Waldorf school might have a doctor they like and find complimentary.  That's how I heard about 1 of the doctors we used, but that family was on the Wareham side of the bridge so the doctor was closer to me.  I hadn't gotten around to trying the doctors on the Cape near me, because we found someone closer- luckily.


I'd just call and ask if they do interviews.  If not, find out what you need to  get an appointment- some practices will not schedule till you have completely transferred your paperwork- which is problematic if you are not sure you want to transfer to a practice you haven't even met with.  That way you at least will have the option of going in for a visit before you have to decide to switch and transfer your paperwork. 

It often depends on the office person you get on the phone- how much they know, how much they might be familiar with vax issues or natural treatments.  It can be hard to pull out the information you want. I'm not sure you are really going to find a MD that is going to also prescribe holistic remedies- such  as suggesting homeopathics, acupuncture, or?  (I wasn't sure if that was what you meant), so your best bet may be to find the alternative practitioner you want to work with and then see who s/he recommends for any medical care. Or see if the doctor has familiarity with that practitioner or treatment alternatives- enough to compliment any needs you might have.


Hope you find someone close!  



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