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The BSL Graduate/Stalking Thread - SPRING Edition - HOORAY, SPRING!!!

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Welcome to the SPRING 2011 EDITION Thread Mamas!!
Looking forward to adding some of our BSLs to the list over here,
we need some new babies!

This is a spinoff of the Bitter Sushi Ladies Thread over on the TTC board. Some of us have very happily made it to the "other side" and we want to be able to keep track of each other.

Our fellow BSL's that are still on their TTC journey like to check up on us from time to time too - which we really appreciate - since they continue to be in the midst of a sometimes brutal and just "NOT FAIR" TTC journey...


~Our June Baby!~

Congrats to slylives and Welcome Cameron!

Born on June 15th at 9:39pm weighing 9lbs 15oz


~Our April 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Kalamos23, and Welcome Baby Boy!

Born April 28 at ??pm weighing ??lbs ??oz and, ?? inches long

~Our March 2011 Babies~

Congrats to Nanette, Welcome Tristan Alexander and Cael Elijah!

Born March 18th at 6 lbs 11 ounces and 7 lbs 4 ounces respectively

19 and a half inches and 20 and 3/4 inches long

~Our February 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Finnegansmom, and Welcome Henry Beckett!

Born Feb 19 at 4:02am weighing 10lbs 5oz and, 22 inches long

~Our January 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Jessica, and Welcome Asher Kingston!

Born January 20 at 9:18pm weighing 8lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long

~Our December 2010 Baby!~

Congrats to QBear'smama and Welcome Jack Everett

Born on December 17th, 9lbs 2.5 oz, 22 inches long


~Our November 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to KellyTTC#1 and Welcome Hilary and Charlotte

Born on November 11th, Hilary (6 lbs. 11 oz.) and Charlotte (5 lbs. 1 oz)


~Our October 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Carlyle and Welcome Baby Maggie
Born on October 9th, 11 pounds 2 ounces!

Congrats to Lyndzies and Welcome Baby Cadence James
Born on October 15th, 8:43pm, 10 pounds 9 ounces, 22 inches

Congrats to YummyYumYumMama and Welcome Baby Kieran
Born on October 27th, 11:32am, 5 pounds 12 ounces 17 inches

~Our September 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to Maeryn Pearl and Welcome Baby Maeryn Jean
Born on September 27th, 7lbs6oz and 20 in long

~Our August 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to colorbywords and Welcome Baby Emery Oaklynn
Born on August 3rd at 8:46 PM, 8 lbs 11 oz 20.5 inches long

~Our July 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to LZP and Welcome Baby Anna Veronica
Born at 36 weeks on July 18th at 4:04 AM, 7 lbs 2 oz 17.5 inches long

~Our June 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Pinoikoi and Welcome Baby Ursula Marisol
Born on June 23rd at 6:40 AM 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long

Congrats to Lisko15 and Welcome Baby Caleb Benjamin
Born on June 24th at 7:36PM 9 lbs 1 oz, 22 inches long

~Our May 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Jelinifer and Welcome Baby Finnegan Hubert
Born on May 1st, 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/2 inches long

Congrats to jillc512 and Welcome Baby Albert Boaz
Born at home on May 4th at 3:29 pm, 8 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches long

Congrats to Starkyld and Welcome Baby Elliott Marlowe
Born at home May 25th at 9:24AM, 9lbs 8 oz 21 inches long

~Our February 2010 Baby~
Congrats to Lauren31 Welcome Baby 
Born February 7th at 10:40PM, 7 lbs 12 oz, 20 1/2 inches long

And the rest of us... still waiting...

Maurine TTC #1 for 1.5 years, due 8/2/11

Tear78 - TTC #1 for 2.5 years and 3 losses, due 8/4/11 

Jane TTC for 2 years with 4 losses and due 10/4

Hykue TTC #1 with 1 loss, due 10/30

millefleur TTC #1 again since 6/09 after 12/08 loss, due October 31st!

miriam_bat_avraham Julie, TTC #1 with DH since 12/08, cautiously due November 28th with twin girls!

Rachel88 TTC #1 for a year with 1 loss, due November 20th

MahnaMahna Dionna, TTC #2 with DH for 18+mos, due at the end of November

lavatea due December ?

Sweet.Bee TTC #2 for a year, due January 15th

Kyamo TTC #1 for 1.5 years, due March 7th


Our thoughts are with
Enigo ~ April 2010 ~
We hope to have you back with us very, very soon.

As always, we are sending a whole lot of to you Ladies over on BSL Proper.
PLEASE GET OVER HERE to keep us company!!!!!

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ok, maybe this will give me the boost to be a better poster. smile.gif If at any point I'm doing a bad job, anybody feel free to take over. upsidedown.gif Rachel, miriam, millefleur, and Jane, can you ladies please help me with the front page info? Nanette, thinking about you hon! Can't wait to update your boys and welcome them to the world!!!
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Thank you Tear!
This makes stalking you so much easier!!

I'm "ttc for 2 years with 4 losses and due 10/4". Or however you wanna phrase that.

You know who maternity peeps mark you as G/P-gravida/para?
To show your number of pregnancies and births. I get a look.
I'm G5/P0. They check the sheet to see if they were abortions or miscarriages, then I get this big look of pity. It's kinda irritating and amusing st the same time.

I missed my Nuchal ultrasound due to a birth. I can't think of a better reason, but now I have to wait til Tuesday.

Imagine me during the birth... All gloved up, getting ready to catch this baby. And the nausea! So I keep asking my assistant to feed me another ginger snap. Poor mama. She's trying to push out a kid and her midwife is, crunch, crunch, crunch. I apologized profusely afterwards.
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Thanks Tear! love.gif


millefleur, TTC #1 again since 6/09 after 12/08 loss, EDD October 31st!

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I never have posted on the BSL thread, because I didn't end up trying for too long . . . but I stalked it a lot because I fully expected to end up there.  I just wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you all, and specifically to you MBA.  You always struck me as being so positive and supportive of everyone else, and I think you deserve this greatly.  And I keep meaning to tell you, Jane, I'm very pleased to be in your DDC, I appreciate your knowledge and kindness.  I don't know if it's weird to stalk BSLs without ever having joined the thread, but I do whether it's weird or not.  I have a sliding scale of BFP hopes, with the people who have been trying the longest at the top of my hope list, so I'm always really happy when one of you gets a BFP!  Furthermore, Millefleur, you're due the day after me, and MBA, you're due the day after my sister.  I hope all of us have delightful pregnancies with healthy squirmy chubby babies at the end!

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Seeing all of these recent grads is just filling up my heart!!! Congrats to all of you mamas!!  We're thrilled to have you here. 

Congrats to millefleur joy.gifbiggrinbounce.gifbouncy.giflol.gif



Jane   broc1.gifblueman.gif carrot.gifthumb.gif


Tear, thanks for taking over the thread!! I am the queen of all flakes lately, and could not trusted to maintain it. I'm sure you'll do great! 


Lisko and Jessica, thanks for the encouragement!


Nanette- I hope that you are recovering well, I;m sure your boys are beautiful and healthy! Cant wait till you are feeling well enough to share some pics! Maybe you did in the pregnancy thread.... will go look soon.


AV seems to be a pro again, and my supply is in recovery, and coming back well... the thought of weaning at 8 months had me really upset, so I'm glad that it didnt happen. I was NOT ready, and AV doesnt seem like she sees any end in sight either!


I think the CLC test went well. As with any test, there were a few that I was really unsure of, so I made it a point to go back and look at the info after the test.  I'm excited to see how I did, and start using it IRL. Much of the info was actually helpful in bringing my supply back up too, so the timing worked out I guess.



Oh! Dinner is ready! DH cooked tonight. YAY! talk soon all.




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Thanks Tear, for giving us a new thread! You'll do fine with it... and maybe it will make you post just a tiny bit more so we can keep track of you! wink1.gif

Nanette - My thoughts are with you, DH, DS1, and those 2 little baby DSs! I hope all went well and we can't wait to see your beautiful chubby twins! orngbiggrin.gif

And Julie... I checked the thread today, and I saw your little "cough" post... and I was so excited!!! Granted, I don't believe we've ever posted to each other, but I was so, so, so happy to see you get a BFP! clap.gifenergy.gif I was lurking a bit throughout the bit of drama on the other board over the past week or so, and I was really feeling for you. So YIPPEE to have over here!!!!

Okay, I thought I'd have more time, but Caleb is having an OFF nap day, so I better get going.

PS - Liz - So glad to hear AV is nursing great again! We aren't ready to wean here either!!!!
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Yay another BFP!!! Congrats Julie! I do love a BSL graduate!


Thank you Tear for the new thread, I agree it will make keeping track of you a little easier lol


Nanette, good luck dearie! I hope your well :) 


AFM-  I had a moment about a week ago where I just looked at him and was like Ah your here your here and I had a very happy cry. I think I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. So I'm enjoying him and my family. I think we are complete. 


In Asher news, we've got social smiles!!


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Can you update my front page bio to: Pregnant with #2 after 3 losses, due 6/11.



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Originally Posted by Jane View Post

Thank you Tear!
This makes stalking you so much easier!!

Sheepish.gif In my defense, I really haven't been posting much of anywhere. That's a defense, right? hm.... To be honest, I'm really really excited to see the pregnant contingency on this thread expanding for the obvious exciting thrilled reason that you ladies are pregnant, but also so I have people to share this experience with at the same time. upsidedown.gif I really, truly, just don't feel like I fit in at my DDC. I can't click...my experience up to this point was just too different from most of them. I feel more of a kinship to my infertility and loss ladies, but I have this personal mental block against posting there often because I'm so aware and afraid of my potential to make someone's hard day harder with my blessing. And I absolutely ADORE my mamas here which is where I've done most of my lurking and posting (believe it or not) but it's really nice to have other pregnant ladies who "get it" to hang out with. Like, to be able to complain about symptoms but also hear an appreciation for what a blessing it all is. Does that make any sense? Anyway, hope that was all ok to say.

And Jane, your ginger snap story left me laughing and hungry. lol...thanks. I can't imagine being in that position...at all....let alone nauseous.

miriam, don't worry about Halloween, you can still dress your little one up as a turkey...or a little snowflake. hm....the possibilities. I'm so thrilled for you, and I totally TOTALLY get it with feeling like it's unreal. I still sometimes find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop, but in those moments I just force myself to think positive and focus on the most recent OB pregnancy update proof I have. It's helped recently that I can feel her kicking daily. Will you get to have early ultrasounds? Those really held my sanity.

millefleur, another YAY that you're here and we get to do this together! How are you feeling?

Hykue, thank you for your support, and you're absolutely welcome! Slide up a chair and make yourself cozy. loveeyes.gif Congratulations!

LZP, wave.gif. blowkiss.gif I'm so glad that your supply has started up again and you seem to be feeling better. Remind me was the test was for again? (from your princess of all flakes)

Lis, thank you for always nudging me gently when I slide into lurkland. I'm so glad to have your support and love! I'll do my best to keep connected here from now on. love.gif I hope Caleb went to sleep finally!

jessica, what an adorable smile!!! Thanks for sharing. smile.gif I'm so glad that you're breathing a sigh of relief. Enjoy that little wiggly bundle!

slylives, how are you feeling? you've been really quiet like me. I think I remember you mentioning that you were also feeling a bit "lost" in MDC?

Maurine, how are you hun? I totally giggled when you said our kiddos should meet up IRL. Did you know I used to live in Boston and I go there to visit my friends a few times a year? You're not a teacher are you? I forget....My best friend told me a story the other day about her work colleague that made me think maybe she knows you. Wouldn't that be weird? Check in!

Kalamos, are you still lurking? You're coming up on your due date!

wave.gif to all our other mama grads! Come post pictures!!! orngbiggrin.gif

afm, well I just finished report cards, which have been the biggest culprit for keeping me confined and quiet for the past three weekend. irked.gif They're so freaking time consuming! But they're DONE! joy.gif Our little girl is kicking me like crazy this morning, and every time I tell DH to run over and try to feel, she stops. lol... Carlyle, you said that would happen. He is getting really antsy to finally feel her, and I feel like it'll be any day now. It is so unbelievably reassuring to feel her kicking around. Keep it up little one! And now, I'm off to the shower and an afternoon off. yippeeeeeee!!! Thanks for pulling me out of lurkland, ladies! blowkiss.gif
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Stalker alert!!!!!!


Miriam - Congrats girl!!!!! joy.gif I was just over here stalking some and saw your great news and I'm so excited for you!!!!  Here's to a happy, healthy 9months or however more you have to go!!! champagne.gif  Don't worry, I'll drink it since now you won't be able to!!! That is a good problem to have, I think!!! Take care!!!



Tear -  Just wanted to say hi since I was over here checking in on you and Maurine!!!hug.gif  Have to make sure my two girls are doing well!!!!!  LOL... our boys used to kick me all the time too and DH only got to feel it a couple of times, but it is the weirdest thing, isn't it!!!!


Maurine - See my beginning post for Tear above!!!!  Hope all is going well with you and your little guy!!!!  Sending you hugs as well.  hug.gif


Anyone heard anything from Nanette?????? I'm sure she is busy and I was just hoping & praying that all went smoothly!!!

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Hi ladies! Sorry I've been Mia I am soooo busy! Tristan Alexander and Cael Elijah were born at 37 weeks on march 18, 2011 weighing in at 6 lbs 11 ounces and 7 lbs 4 ounces respectively. 19 and a half inches and 20 and 3/4 inches long! I have a fabulous birth story, but gotta nurse right now, and I will post later today.
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Wow I take a weekend off and there is a whole new thread!


Tear – Thanks for the thread! My EDD is Nov 20.

MBA – I am so happy to see you here and also really stoked we are in the same DDC.

Jane – I will never look at ginger snaps the same way again! This story cracked me up. Not that feeling sick is funny it’s just . . . what a situation!

Jessica – What an adorable little face.

Nanette – Yay for your beautiful healthy baby boys. I can’t wait to hear the birth story!joy.gif


So sorry if I missed anyone. There was a lot to catch up on!


AFM - I am basically vacillating between being terrified and elated. On the one hand I am so excited to be pregnant but on the other I am so sure that this can’t be happening for me and something will go wrong. I was talking to my SIL yesterday and she is due a little over one month before I am. She wants to have a joint baby shower with the family and I LOVE that idea I just feel . . . almost like a liar or a fake. Part of me says “you can’t plan a baby shower. There is no way you will still be pregnant by then!”  Ug! Then I am angry at myself for not just being happy.

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NANETTE omg!!!!!!!! what news to come back to, having been away for what seems like FOREVER! i can't wait to read the birth story; must sign up for e-mail notifications on this thread or something!


a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the mamas of new babies born since i last checked in, and another big CONGRATULATIONS to all the preggos who moved over here. major squee! maurine & miriam, am i right in remembering that you guys are in the greater boston area? maybe we'll do a playdate sometime... anyway, major welcome to the preggos, so glad you are here!


i am totally behind ... as usual. things are going okay here; battling extremely severe PPD/related issues as well as chronic pain, but things are improving. i think. K will be 5 months old on sunday! he just rolled over for the first time this past weekend, back to belly. he is such a mellow, happy, SILLY baby. he absolutely adores his big sister (she's 3) and is a massive flirt, especially in grocery stores and elevators. specifically with older women.


i hope everyone is doing well! i will catch up more later. email notifications FTW. smooches!

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blueyezz, great to see you! blowkiss.gif Sending you tons of good thoughts!!!

Nanette, yahoooooooo!!! I can't wait for the birth story and the pics! I'm so glad that everything is going well with you and your little ones, and that you seem to be feeling really positive about the whole thing. Happy nursing! joy.gif

Rachel, I totally understand how you're feeling. I think you're totally justified in wanting to take your time emotionally. Take care of yourself and enjoy your little one!

YYYM, good to see you too!!! Your little K sounds like a cutie pie! I'm sorry you're feeling so yucky. Keep us posted with more details!

ok, I have to run: I just battled with serious post-editing code issues, but after almost erasing the whole first post I think I got the updates done. Sheepish.gif Please let me know if something looks funny!
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I am sorry, I posted on the other thread! Thanks, Tear for taking over! I am so happy for you :) I understand about feeling disconnected from your DDC. I had like 3000 posts in TTC, so you can see where my heart was. I do the AP stuff, I just never felt a connection anywhere else.



I also wanted to say, Congratulations to Julie! So happy you get to come on this motherhood journey! I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and here you are, pregnant!!!! You are going to be a wonderful, mama!!!!


 Nanette, can't wait to hear about your baby! All that matters is that the babies and you are healthy :) Congratulations! I hope your nursing is going well, as I know it was important to you!



AFM- DD is 14 months old, still nursing, just had her first sickness, but is definitely on the mend. :) I love love love being a mom. Makes me kind of excited to start trying for the next one. whistling.gif hahaha jk- not for another year.

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