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Nanette, your boys are adorable!!! Thank you for sharing, and it's great to hear from you! That's so cool that you can bring them to work with you, and I'm amazed at how fast they're growing!

slylives, I updated the first page. How's the babymoon going? Check in when you have the energy. goodvibes.gif

Anybody want to start the summer thread? It's pretty easy, I just know I'll be otherwise occupied. love.gif
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miriam, wow, girls! If you had ended up pregnant with 2 boys, I would have warned you about the craziness of wild boys. orngtongue.gif I love my boy, but he's going to give me a heart attack before I'm 30. He doesn't know what extreme sports are, but that's what he's tending toward. He'll probably want to jump out of planes before he's 5.


So, my latest (posted to my DDC):


I had some brown spotting this afternoon (11 weeks). I had this around the same time last pregnancy, but I was still freaking out. I headed off to the doctor's office (luckily it's a quick walk) after my son woke up from his nap. The doctor wasn't there, but the nurse/receptionist said I could wait around to see if he had time, though he had 3 other patients scheduled already. Thankfully, he took the time to see me right away. We took a quick peek with the ultrasound. The baby still has a heartbeat, and was moving around in such a cute way (wiggling its arms, it looked like). So, everything looks ok. No sign of the bleed. The doctor said my placenta was still low, and sometimes a blood vessel pops. Or maybe my cervix got aggravated.


I'm even now feeling a bit anxious, but mostly calm since I saw the baby is ok. We're still keeping our next scheduled appt, which is on Friday for the 1st tri scan, a long one if I remember correctly. So, we'll get to see the baby for more than a couple seconds (that was our quick peek today: baby is moving, heartbeat, no sign of blood, done).

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Sweet.Bee, that must have been so scary! I'm so glad that everything looks ok! Take it easy, little Baby.Bee, and stop scaring Mama!

Miriam, twin girls! aww...how exciting to know! joy.gif Glad to know the little munchkins are still doing well! How are you feeling, still exhausted?
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Glad things are OK, Sweet.bee. And yay for girls, MBA!!! I hope your girl luck rubs off on me.

Can I whine for a minute with the acknowledgement that I wouldn't trade anything for being pg? I'm so tired of feeling nauseated, having headaches, no energy, etc. I'm well into second trimester now. Where's the feeling good part??
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Lavatea -- Other than the "yay! I am finally pregnant!" part of my pregnancy, I've never felt particularly good.  Of course this is coming from someone at 35 weeks...who is wondering how on earth she'll ever be able to go through this again, or how on earth people have more than 2 or so babies...pregnancy is hard!  Anyway...keep it up!  It's worth it in the end!


Miriam -- Twin girls!!  What fun!  Can't wait to meet them one day irl.  :)

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Originally Posted by Maurine View Post
, or how on earth people have more than 2 or so babies...pregnancy is hard!  



You'll find out soon :) Newborns have very magical powers!

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Originally Posted by jessica_s View Post

You'll find out soon :) Newborns have very magical powers!

Yeah, it's amazing how quickly you forget (or don't care about, at least) all the annoyances of pregnancy. I'm remembering again right now, especially now that my nausea has gotten worse. As soon as you see your baby, though, you come down with selective amnesia. winky.gif


I just had a checkup with the dr (I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday). We did the 1st tri scan, and everything looks good so far. I had to wait hours to see the dr, though, because he got called away for a birth right as my appointment was to start! By the end, there were 5 of us stuffed into the waiting room, but I got to go first, yippee. Oh, and no more bleeding, thank goodness.

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Hi ladies, can I join you?


On Wednesday (14DPO), I took a test.  I watched it for a minute and didn't see anything, assumed it was probably yet another negative, and went downstairs to make some breakfast.  When I came back up, to my great surprise, I could see a line.


I tested again today (Friday) and it's totally half as dark as the control now.  Wow!


My beta is on Sunday.   


It doesn't feel real to me yet, but after 1.5 years TTC and 4 IUIs, I got a BFP.  EDD March 7.  


I can't believe it.  bigeyes.gif

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Kyamo!!!!! joy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gif I'll go add you, yippeeeeee!!!!!! goodvibes.gif

Sweet.Bee, I'm glad that everything still looks good. thumb.gif That sounds like quite the appointment! There was nobody else that could see you? Yikes! Sitting in that waiting room waiting for a scan for a few minutes is agonizing enough.

jessica wave.gif How are you and baby Asher? I've heard that about newborns. Actually, I think I've experienced a similar selective memory, though. I KNOW that breaking my arm was one of the most excruciating things I've ever been through, but now every time I think about it I'm like, meh, it wasn't THAT bad. shyah..right. I can imagine that if you have someone so amazing in your arms it would be even easier to forget how uncomfortable the journey was leading up to it. I have to say I've had similar thoughts to Maurine: how the HECK am I going to do this again, but please please please let this child be healthy and let me have another healthy child, too! I was just saying to hubby last night that I had NO idea how difficult and uncomfortable pregnancy was, but I know that it's so totally worth it even while I whine. Now we're getting so close, though, I'm getting SO excited to meet this little one, and I just want her to be healthy and strong!

lavatea, that all being said, I think that around where you are I was feeling SO gross and wondering the same thing, and I did slowly get SOME energy back over the following weeks. My second trimester I was freaking exhausted most of the time, but it was different. Like, I had bursts of energy and bursts of feeling ok. I'm thinking around 17-18 weeks this happened for me. I want to punch people who say you'll feel maybe even better than ever during the middle trimester. Where's the middle finger smiley? But it WAS better than the first, and apparently the third. Hang in there, because having your little one kick around more and more strongly makes everything SO much easier!

Julie, I'm so glad you're feeling better! Are you feeling them yet? You're right around where that started happening for me, though I wasn't sure that was what I was feeling. love.gif How am I doing? See above....upsidedown.gif But really, I'm on summer vacation and taking 2 hour naps daily, so I'm doing OH so much better than a week ago. And hubby finished building the girl's wardrobe and I filled it with baby things. Oh, my heart was so full of excitement and love and nerves doing that! She's definitely packing on the pounds (and thankfully apparently taking them from me lately) because my belly is SO heavy. It's getting really hard to get up! lol... I think I'm running out of room in there, though, and I'm feeling so swollen and huge. Five more weeks until my due date! yikes2.gif and joy.gif

eta - Kyamo, I got you on the front page! goodvibes.gif
and Maurine, I LOVE that we're due only a couple of days apart! How are you feeling?
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Kyamo, welcome to the other side!


Tear, the office has just 1 doctor. I think that's kind of common around here, though there's one obgyn office in our town that has 2 doctors. For tons of doctors in one place, I could always go into the city to the dreaded big uni hospital, but the place feels like a factory (huge room with flimsy curtains between the "stalls" where each patient is seen, different doctor sees you every time, etc.), and I've heard giving birth there is not too great either. Last time, I gave birth in a "hospital" -- well, officially it was a hospital, but the birthing section was cosy and run by midwives, and your doctor only came to catch the baby. Except in my case, he didn't get there in time, so my son was delivered by the midwife. smile.gif It was a marvelous, warm, friendly place. Sadly, due to governmental bureaucracy, the birthing part was shut down (even though it was famous for its awesomeness, grrrrr, makes me so mad) , so now I have to find a new place to give birth.


And you're 35 weeks? I went at 38 weeks with my first, so it might be closer than you think. winky.gif

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Yay, Kyamo!!
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Baby Asher is growing up! We're doing good. He's sitting up now!

I've gotten the "so are you done? having more?" question quite a lot. I'm practicing saying we're done. I'm gathering out grown clothes to yard sale and all that but it is kind of hard to think of being done. What we really mean by we're done is that we're not going to try anymore after this. We did about 3 1/2 years of TTC and 3 losses between the two boys, that's enough for me. We welcome a surprise but we're not expecting it. :)


The hormones that buzz around a birth are incredible. The energy that a new baby and mother have are really quite amazing as well. Newborn babies are quite intoxicating (especially to women who are already mothers) and so it's no wonder everyone wants to invade a mom and babies space! 

I had an epidural with my first (after some hours of pushing they wanted to use forceps to turn him, my midwife wanted me to have something for that) but I still remember being blown away by that baby. There's really nothing else like it. 

Asher came so fast and his labor really wasn't that hard or even that painful - I mean it didn't tickle - but I had no idea that I was so close until my water broke and I felt his head move all the way down. lol Without the epidural there was instantly no pain the second he came out. Not only that but I felt like a million dollars and walked myself to the bathroom minutes after he was born. The recovery was also light years better. I think that's partly to due with having a baby that sleeps, quick uncomplicated labor and being well rested before hand. 

Both times though I wanted to do it again. Even when things went south the first time it was still an amazing thing to have done! I can ramble on forever! 


Here a recent pic of Asher


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1st beta 18DPO 1069! thumb.gif  Repeat in a week.  I'm still not feeling any different from a normal luteal phase other than the cramping I had at 12DPO, so it still feels like it isn't real.  bigeyes.gif

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Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post

Kyamo, those are great numbers! I think I would have been around the same by 18dpo-- I was 43.1 at 11dpo and 347 at 15 dpo... Maybe you've got two in there wink1.gif

I guess it's possible, but I only had one large follicle this cycle, so probably not.  I would rather a singleton, but what I really want is a baby(ies) to bring home, no matter the number.  

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Go, Kyamo's baby (babies)!


So, 12 weeks. . .


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Wow, SweetBee, your belly pics are so elegant.  

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Kyamo!  - Big congrats!  Glad to see you here.

Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

and Maurine, I LOVE that we're due only a couple of days apart! How are you feeling?


Wayne's World!  biggrinbounce.gif


I am feeling ok.  You know, I can't complain.  I had a pre-E, HELLP scare (well, I really only scared myself, the MW wasn't worried) last week.  I had pretty much all the symptoms except for high blood pressure (6 pounds weight gain in 2 days, vision changes, fatigue, swelling in hands and face), and of course I googled about pre-E without high blood pressure and that led me to HELLP.  Anyway, all tests came back totally normal and healthy, AND I am no longer anemic.  So, while I am lugging around a ton of extra water, I am healthy and looking forward to the birth!

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