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biglaugh.gif omg, I have to say from looking at the link I thought it had to do with kegels (caglecartoons), but that had me laughing so hard I almost NEEDED them! upsidedown.gif Yes, that cartoon sums up EXACTLY what I have been ranting about the last week. Thank you. blowkiss.gif And I meant to post this last time: you ARE the best sister in the world, and no your advice wasn't unsolicited. Do you know how happy it makes me that I know you will read my posts? love.gif
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Originally Posted by MahnaMahna View Post

Hello mamas! I know it's been a long time since I've posted in the BSL thread, but we've still been around, waiting for a BFP. We finally got one this week! Feel free to add my info: Dionna, TTC #2 with DH for 18+mos, due at the end of November. So happy to see somefamiliar names over here!!

Congratulations Dionna!!!!! I've been thinking of you and hoping oping hoping for you. SOOOo glad to hear it!!! Wahoooo!!!! 


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Goodness, I really feel for you ladies that work with children. I have been so sick and fatigued all the time lately that I cannot concentrate at work. I keep messing up silly things. I can only imagine having a bunch of energetic little ones depending on you. Hugs. Sorry I have not been posting at all lately. I can’t even say I have really been keeping up. I just don’t have the energy for recreational computer time. Yesterday got up and went to church, then to brunch. Got home and napped from 2 until 4 then got up to do some housework and went back to bed for the night at 7. Then I woke up at 7 this morning and decided that I could make it in to work on time so I called in to say I would be in at noon and went back to bed. Now I am so exhausted I cannot imagine how I will make it through the rest of the day much less the drive home! I just keep telling myself that this is a good sign.

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Rachel, definitely a good sign! And I all but disappeared from MDC during my first trimester: totally normal! I'm not saying I'm not exhausted now, but I think I'm getting used to functioning while exhausted. Yesterday, though, I almost started crying at the grocery store because I couldn't find the organic ketchup in either section (on opposite sides of the store) and I didn't have the energy to walk anymore. I needed to sit...down...NOW! So I went to customer service, sat on the bench, and demanded the princess treatment. lol... don't worry about how much you post: we're here for you when you need us!
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

So I went to customer service, sat on the bench, and demanded the princess treatment. lol... don't worry about how much you post: we're here for you when you need us!

I love it...so not you in your normal state.  :)  MWUH!


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congratulations mahna! welcome, so thrilled to have you here! i've been thinking of you and wondering how your TTC journey was going.


MBA & maurine, i'm going through some crazy shiz right now scheduling treatment stuff for my back, but once i'm doing better, it's on! BSL offline meeting!


nanette, awesome birth story - go you!


so happy to read everyone else's updates & only have a few min to post before some friends come to visit, just wanted to check in super quickly. in 2.5 weeks, k will be 6 months old! holy crap! thanks for the good wishes in terms of the mental & physical health stuff over here... still dealing with a lot, but i have confidence in things improving. 2011 will be my year to get on top of my health!


i'm terrible at uploading pics of the kids, so i will try to get some more recent ones up to post sometime. in the meanwhile here are a couple pictures from february. the one of both of them in their matching outfits is from 2/11, the one of just k is from 2/26.


--photo redacted--


--photo redacted--


edited to add - okay, this spurred me to actually upload some pictures from my phone on to the computer, so here is a much more recent picture of the two from a couple weeks ago:


--photo redacted--

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Good luck tomorrow Julie! That was always the most nerve wracking appointment for me. 

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Just popped over here to stalk mba and see if she heard a heartbeat yet. Good luck today! For me, that was a big step and I feel like I would be able to be less worried after a heartbeat.

Today is my due date from my last m/c. Not as bad as I thought it would be, actually. The babysitter is sick so I am skipping work to hang out with DS.

I miss you on the bsl thread, MBA. There are so many new people, and I took a long break after my ivf, it doesn't feel the same because I haven't gotten to know them.

I am curious if any of you grads ended up using donor eggs. We are inching closer to that.
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I'm poking my head in here for what I hope isn't a short stay. I got a BFP on Saturday.

I had a well check scheduled with a new OB for the 19th. Called this morning and they're fitting me in with the nurse (I'm hoping that means NP) on Wednesday morning at 10. They said they'll do all my prenatal labs and a complete history then. Please, please, please can I at least make it that far??!

I'm going to push for any and all tests I can to see if they can find something to "fix" so I can keep this baby. Any suggestions for tests I should request? I want to have a list made out. I'm going to definitely ask for thyroid although I've had it tested before and it was supposedly OK. Can they test for clotting disorders if I've been self-medicating with baby aspirin? Is 4w4d too early for an ultrasound? Anything I'm missing?
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Yay Lavatea!!!


And MBA, I have everything crossed for you...

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Lava - I was asked if I took aspirin 24 hours before the clotting test, so it you stop now, it may be OK (but you wouldn't be taking it if there is a problem.)

Don't forget about progesterone.
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Originally Posted by rcr View Post

Lava - I was asked if I took aspirin 24 hours before the clotting test, so it you stop now, it may be OK (but you wouldn't be taking it if there is a problem.)

Don't forget about progesterone.

Hmmm...do you think missing one day would cause a problem, provided I do have a clotting issue? Maybe I should keep taking it until the initial appointment and see if they will even test for it. Then I could stop taking it 24 hours before the next appointment.
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Just keep taking it.  Most of the tests are DNA tests anyway.  No aspirin can screw those up.  They are super expensive though.  Typically, unless you've got family members with early death from stroke or history of blood clots, they don't usually find anything.  Because you've had babies before, any of the immune things are more likely than clotting issues.  You can't test immune things in pregnancy, or for a while afterwards.  You get false positives from the natural immune changes of pregnancy.  I'd suggest thyroid + general pregnancy labs.  HCG tests (2) to check doubling.  If you haven't got doubling, it's really to late to rescue.  I'm sure skeptical about progesterone, as I think, for the vast majority of women, the progesterone is low B/C the pregnancy is failing, not it's failing b/c progesterone is low.  Ultrasound isn't usually recommended til 6 weeks, unless you've got risk factors for ectopic.  You've got a LONG two weeks ahead of you.  I'm sorry.  The good news is, even after many losses, you still have a 60% chance of having a baby!  A real baby to join your family, no matter what you do or don't do. 

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ahh, I get busy for a couple days and things get busy here! lavatea, YAY!!!! joy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gif Keep growing healthy, baby! goodvibes.gif Check out the first page and then let me know what you want it to say for you. loveeyes.gif

MBA, keep us posted! It's so nervewracking waiting for ultrasounds! goodvibes.gif

ok, gotta run...be back to really respond another time! love.gif
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ok, conflicting and emotional post warning and I'm sorry.

First things first, from the bottom of my heart, MBA, AHHHHH, YAYYYYYY!!!!!! I'm so glad that everything went well today and that everybody is doing great in there! Now I have TWO great updates to make on the first page! joy.gif

But now I need to say what I logged on to say, because I'm feeling really sad for my Baby B and this is a safe place, and I'm sorry if this is terrible timing to say it. At prenatal yoga tonight I saw two mamas that I went through fertility treatments with, and they're both pregnant with twins. One I knew about and one who is more recent. Both are doing great, and I'm truly deeply happy for them. But it hit me hard as a reminder that we lost our Baby B. And at the same time I'm filled with self-....loathing?....because we love our little girl with everything we have in our hearts, and I am truly, deeply, humbly, joyously grateful for her. And while I was thinking all this that fear came back, that I realize I haven't consciously strongly felt in a while, and I just keep repeating to her "please, please, please keep growing healthy and strong." And the precious darling little one kept kicking me the whole time saying "I'm here, Mommy!" It's all a lot to be feeling at once, but I wouldn't change this for the world. Please, little girl, stay with us, stay healthy, keep growing strong!
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I think combining joy and sorrow is the hardest thing we do.
You see it people mourning a "bad" birth experience. It's hard to be so goddam happy and so absolutely wrecked at the same time.
I touched it a little when I had to terminate my ectopic baby. I was do happy to be alive and si angry/wrecked to kill my baby.

When youhave your baby, you deserve all the kudos and congrats a new mama gets. And all the lOve and hugs that a Grieving mama needs. When this pregnancy Is over, so it is the final part of baby B's journey.
I've been at births where we searched that placenta all over for some sign of the twin we'd seen on ultrasound - something to make it tangible.
Be gentle to yourself. No beating yourself up. Miriam will understand. She loves her twins just as you do.
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