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Is my baby name that bad?

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Years ago, when I was TTC originally, I picked the name Ava. I was actually pregnant at the time. But, I lost that baby after seeing the heart beat. Then I got pregnant again and lost the baby and so on. Eventually, I had a sweet little boy and knew I wanted another baby as soon as possible after him as it took so long to get him, that there is a huge gap between him and his older siblings. Now I am pregnant with a baby that the doctor things is looking like a girl, maybe. 


I wanted to name the baby Ava still. I think the name is so simple, pretty, yet, classic. But everytime I have mentioned the name, it seems like a lot of people jump in to say how much they hate it. I am not worried about it being popular. My name is Lisa..talk about popular. And that never bothered me.


I have been pouring over baby name books and websites and have not come up with anything I like as much as Ava. 


Do you think Ava is so bad or a mistake?

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I *love* Ava.  And I totally know what it's like to have a popular name.  There were 2 othere Heathers in my class at one point.  But I don't think Ava is popular on that scale.  I only know one, and she's turning 5.  Besides, I can't win.  My son is Owen (almost 8).  I checked the popularity before we chose it and it wasn't super popular.  Apparently everyone thought the same thing that year :D  Same thing /w my daughter's name, Annabelle (5 next week).  What can you do?  If you love the name, go w/ it.  I'm always surprised to hear anyone giving negative responses to names.  Inside voice, people!

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I think you should name her whatever you want! No one else is raising this baby, only you are.. Don't worry about what other people think about her name.. Personally I think Ava is a beautiful name for a girl. Very simple, and hard for other kids to make fun of it. (for when she gets to school) That was always important for me when choosing a name. Not to mention Ava means "life". Very nice name :)

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DDCC to say that I can't imagine why anyone would think the name Ava is bad. I opened this expecting to read that you wanted to name her Nevaeh or something awful like that! Ava is a classic name. Yes, it is quite popular right now, but if you like it, you should stick with it.
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DDCC. I agree, Ava is quite popular at this time, but there's nothing wrong with it whatsoever. I'm not sure why your friends/family think it's dreadful. It's not like you're naming her Hephzibah Mincemeat Windowshade. If you like Ava better than any other name, go ahead and use it.

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i generally like more uncommon names, but on my long list of names, Ava is on there.  It's just so pretty.  I say name your baby whatever you want!

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YEARS ago a friend of mine decided to name her baby girl Ava and I didn't like it.  I'd never heard the name before then though.  So, that's why I thought it was so odd.  As a kid, I thought the name Emily was the ugliest name I'd ever heard! (read actually, I read it in a book and I even said to mother, that is the weirdest name I've ever heard!) I know tons of people named Emily now and I would even consider it for a girl name of my own some day.  Particularly to honor my hubby's grandmother whom I love to pieces.


I don't dislike Ava anymore either, although I've not grown to love it like I have Emily, but my point is that I think perhaps it's a name that is new to some and perhaps it's an initial reaction to something new that you are getting.  All in all, it is your baby and you are the one that has to like the name.  :)

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I love the name Ava.  The only thing that might make me steer away from it is that it's growing in popularity.  But I can't say anything- I choose super common names for my kids, lol.


It's your child.  Screw everyone else's opinions and name your child what YOU want. 

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I'll be the voice of dissent here and say that my kids don't have the most popular names in America. My kids names, although traditional,and easy to spell are more like 278 th for my dd and 300 th for my ds. My dh agreed with me .. having grown up in a sea of Micheals and Jennifers.

Yes, its a sweet little name. But its popularity puts me off.

How about ...?

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Ha! Who knew Chloe was in the top ten? Oh well, I don't care...we like it. We figure it will be easier to pick when we know the sex. Love love Ava! But one of my close friends married last year and her step daughters name is Ava...so there goes that! Many of my favorite names are taken...feel free to pick from the list! flowersforyou.gif










Brody (one of my Dogs! ahah!)









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I actually read somewhere that name popularity nowadays is a little misleading because there are so many names being used. So even if a name is in the top ten, it doesn't mean that it's really that common. And anyway, having a common name isn't necessarily a bad thing!
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Originally Posted by Dlynn918 View Post

Love love Ava! But one of my close friends married last year and her step daughters name is Ava...so there goes that!

I don't see why. This stepdaughter isn't related to you, much less to your friend - I don't think you should discard the name because of such a tenuous connection.
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No, she is a very close friend and her step daughter is like her own. I just couldnt, I see what you mean though but no, we like Chloe better. :-) And who knows maybe its a boy! Heheh!!!!


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My step daughter's name is Eva - same pronounciation. I think its beautiful. Being a Laura of the late 80s I tend try to stay away from popular names myself, but Henry seemed to explode after mine was born, so there goes that. There is a lot to be said for classic. :) 


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Originally Posted by L J View Post

My step daughter's name is Eva - same pronounciation. I think its beautiful. Being a Laura of the late 80s I tend try to stay away from popular names myself, but Henry seemed to explode after mine was born, so there goes that. There is a lot to be said for classic. :) 


Hmm, I say Ava as Ay vah. I say Eva as EE vah.
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I love it and have never heard it before. You can't please everyone so why not just please yourselves!

I had 2 boys before my daughter and her name was always going to be Skye. When pregnant I think people are more honest. I still remember that most people I know hate her name.

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I think Ava is a great name.  I also like Nevaeh (hangs head).  LOL! 

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When I was pregnant with DS we picked a few names and then tried them out, the one that stuck was Brady.  We didn't tell anyone, a cousin had their baby name stolen by their neighbor, first and middle.  While on vacation a little girl asked what we were going to name the baby, not knowing her I just told her, she liked it because a kid in her class had that name and they called him the Brady Bunch (seriously was that show not multiple generations ago?).  After that we tried a couple other names but it was too late, that was his name and now it suits him.  For this baby we're considering Sidney, boy or girl, I confided this to my mom who jumped all over me what a horrible name it was and how my dad had a cousin with that name who they didn't like.  I called her back the next day and yelled at her that I don't know the cousin and I can't avoid names of every person she's ever met that she doesn't like and further she will call the baby by whatever name we give it and she will like it, end of conversation!


So my long point is, name it whatever you want, you're the one who has to call them by that name for the rest of their lives.  There is no possible way that you will ever please everybody.  My other point is that I'm not telling anyone else I know our baby names because I'm hormonal and ready and willing to tell off the next person that gives me that look of disgust at our choice of names. 

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You go girl!!! I hear ya, I'm sensitive and hormonal too and easily set off. I try to let things roll but for some reason right now I'm extra sensitive to criticism and feeling insanely compassionate for others. I cry watching tv all the time! Its just silly. I flew off the handle at my mom cause she kept asking me the history of my DH trying to conceive with his x-wife! HELLO!!!! WHO CARES! REALLY MOM??? Can we focus on NOW?!! How about ME. UGH. Just GROSS. I was so mad. So yeah, I hear ya. And I don't blame you about the names getting back on subject. I told a woman I work with that if we ever have a baby girl we will be naming her Cassidy and now she is due with a girl in May, guess what she is naming her? CASSIDY! Yep. I was REALLY annoyed. Now to add insult to injury they will be calling her Cassie. So I felt like she stole it, but is defacing it and not actually using it. I also lent her all of my pregnancy and postpartum books which she never returned and now will not respond to my requests to give them back. confused.gif


So yes, Sometimes keeping those names to ones self is a GREAT idea. I don't care if anyone on here shares names I like  because its not like were in the same family or physical community. We also had a boy name we love, Colton, that my cousin named his baby but he never knew that we had it in mind. Just a huge coincidence. And what a cutie!!!biggrinbounce.gif

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Ava is a beautiful name, and besides that-it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it! It's your baby, and as long as it isn't a vulgar or unpronouncable name, lol, you should do whatever your heart desires. Clearly you've loved the name for a long time, so go for it!

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