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There was a blog I read a while ago (sorry, couldn't find it again) by a mom who described her conversation with her 11 year old son....



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That's awesome, Prothyraia. I knew one of you mamas would have the link! 

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Personally, I'm less concerned about what my teenage daughters wear and more concerned about what they are doing.  I'll probably raise my children of both sexes similarly to how I was raised... I will teach them to respect themselves and know themselves, to know they don't have to do anything just because someone wants them to and to have the confidence to stand up against peer pressure.  I won't buy certain things even if they want it but if they want to buy it themselves, so be it.  It is their money and their body and if I've done my job to instill a sense of confidence and self respect then the clothes they choose to wear will be based on their own comfort (even if their comfort includes fitting in with how others look) rather than a reflection of the things they do.


If the worst thing my teenage daughter does is wear clothing I find a bit too revealing then I'll consider our journey through the teen years a relative success.


At any rate, I did NOT dress immodestly.  I covered myself up pretty well.. in fact, I went through a phase where I wanted as many layers as possible... a tank top over a tshirt over a long sleeved shirt with a longish skirt over pants (preferably all the same color even... usually green.)  That was what I enjoyed wearing.  At the same time, I also REALLY loved having sex within my monogamous long term relationship.  I didn't reveal much skin at all in public but I was naked as much as possibly when in private with my boyfriend.  Sure, I wasn't sleeping around, but I certainly wasn't abstaining!  I have no regrets either.  I'm happy to have had sex when I did and have the experiences I had.  I owned my sexuality and my body.  What I wore had nothing to do with the sex I was having.  I've also gone through phases wearing less clothing... I loved spaghetti strap tank tops for a time... and I wasn't having sex then.


I'm just not concerned with the clothes my kids choose to wear... I'm more concerned with what they are doing.

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