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Lots of meds offered at first vet visit...thoughts?

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We brought our seven week old puppy in for his first vet visit.  We went ahead and did the parvo vax, and we're bringing him back in a few weeks to do the distemper.  (We decided to do those two plus rabies.)


Anyway, I was going to wait a couple of weeks to start vaccines, but he's been having loose stools for quite a few days now...so I really thought it'd be a good idea to get him checked out.


Stool sample couldn't happen - there wasn't any there to get a sample.  So the vet wanted to just go ahead and treat for intestinal worms, as well as a bacterial infection, both of which are very common in puppies and could be the cause of the loose stools.


He gave the pup the parvo shot, and then the first oral dose of the worm medicine, which he has to take for three days I believe.


He also gave us an antibiotic (albon) to treat the possible bacterial infection.  On top of those, he gave us an anti-diarrheal oral medication (pro-pectalin) to give him for three days.


Seems like a lot of meds to me for such a little puppy, and without confirmation of an infection or worms...especially since the loose stools could possibly be caused by something as simple as his recent dog food change (went from the cheapest puppy chow to Blue Buffalo).


Thoughts?  Which ones, if any, would you be inclined to give?

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You can bring in a stool sample from home. I'd have waited to worm based on fecal sample because then they can choose the right med for the specific worms present, if any. I'm not a fan of antibiotics without an actual causal diagnoses. Yes it could just be food change. The vet seems rx happy without any confirmed dx or actual testing.



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Hi!  When we got our puppy we were loaded up with stuff too.  She had very runny poops and was kinda lethargic, so we took her in.  


We decided just to give her the worm meds (although we were able to get a sample and she definitely had them), and that was it.  We took her in later and got 3 vaccines (rabies, parvo and distemper, I believe).  


I would say hold off on the antibiotics, and give the worm meds first, only because puppies almost ALWAYS have worms.  Very, very common.  If you're thinking it might possibly be a bacterial infection, you could always give him a little scoop of plain, active culture yogurt (like once a day for a week) to boost him probiotics.  I do that whenever Lulu has an upset tummy.  The worm meds, plus vaccines, plus antibiotics PLUS all the changes he's going through....seems like alot for a little puppy's system!!


Hope he's feeling better soon.

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Thanks for the replies!  Yes, I do think the vet is a bit med-happy...but at least he suggested splitting up the vaccines since the pup is still pretty small (8 lbs)...I've never heard a pediatrician suggest that!  


I'm going to hold off on the antibiotics and try the yogurt idea (mix it with his dry food I guess?) and finish the worming meds.


Oh, but what about the anti-diarrheal meds?  Any suggestions?

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I don't think you'll really need them.  Those are just to make sure that he doesn't get too dehydrated with his upset tummy, but if you're keeping an eye on him, you will be able to tell if he gets too dehydrated (lethargic, dry nose, etc.).  


Try to encourage lots of water drinking if possible.  I will sometimes mix a little of my homemade chicken / veggie stock in with lulu's water, and that's almost a guarantee that she will drink as much as I put in front of her, lol.  


And yeah, I just mix the scoop of yogurt in with her dry food.  Hope this helps!

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Giving the puppy yogurt is pretty much useless, a dog's digestive system is very acidic and it will just kill off the good bacteria. I suggest garlic, if you don't want to give a raw whole garlic clove, I would recommend making a garlic infusion, a few cloves of garlic seeped in 1/2 a gallon of water, a mason jar works great, over night and add some to their water.


FWIW, I have an 8 month old puppy who is completely unvaxed, never wormed or given flea/tick meds. He is super healthy, but at around 3 months he did get a bout of diarrhea for about 10 days, which I assume was from a parasite, he ate some deer poop. I treated it by fasting him for a day, giving him only chicken broth, some garlic water and wormwood, clove tree and garlic flower essences (vibrational remedies not herbals) and he was fully recovered within two days. My dog is also raw fed.

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Probiotics can help for sure, but usually yogurt isnt strong enough.  Though I do know a woman whos dog had MANY issues and kefir is working wonderfully for her dog right now.


Is there a reason he got taken from mom and littermates so young:(  8 weeks is the minimum age they should be taken.


Hope he feels better soon!

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