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We all have gauged ears over here, even my 10.5 year old DD (although very small). Ear gauging is only as permanent as a healed ear piercing. Unless you blow your hole out, they will always shrink back up, especially on a young person. I have gotten up to a 00 three separate times and have had no problem with them "going back to normal". This is also coming from a parent that wouldn't let a child bleach their hair until they were 13, not because I have problems with dyed hair but because hair bleach is super harsh. I have my moments of being a little on the overprotective side, but I also support children's autonomy especially when it comes to their bodies. If I don't give a child the tools to do something safely, they will seek it out on their own and do it anyway, perhaps unsafely. I would never condone anything permanent, but piercings, gauging (within reason), and hair dye or crazy hair styles are not going to prevent a child from growing up to be a successful adult. In my experience, if they don't get it out of their system when they're a teenager, it will just carry over into their adult life. I was lucky enough to have a mother who respected my opinions and let me wear whatever I wanted, even though my curfew was a good two hours earlier than everyone else's, and I think it's made me more centered as an adult, to have a better gauge on who I am having tried many things in my life. I don't see the harm here, and kids who feel heard and trusted to make their own decisions are generally more accountable and grounded.